Bold & Pop : Prop Closet Essentials

If you know us, you know how much we love our props for our Instagram photoshoots. Our lifelong dream of having a perfectly stocked prop closet is quickly being fulfilled (we will probably never have enough props) and we’re sharing our must haves to help you on your way to your dream prop closet.

The most important thing to remember when stocking up on your props is do they align with your brand? We’re all about color so we always include pops of color in all our photos. If your brand is more neutral, keep that color scheme. Dark and moody? Keep that vibe. Props are meant to elevate your brand so keeping them consistent and aligned with your brand is essential.

Now on to the fun stuff. Here’s what you might want to stock up on to get your prop closet started! 


These are probably our favorite thing to use in Instagram photos. We may or may not have a slight obsession with planners and notebooks so we are FULLY stocked with fun, colorful options.


A really simple way to add in a little something extra in your images. We love to use ribbon as an accent to balance photos and add an extra pop of color.

Washi Tape

There is just so much you can do with Washi Tape! Use the roll as an accent or use the tape to hang or hold something. Washi Tape comes in so many fun colors and designs making its uses limitless!


We always have magazines lying around for research and inspiration so we like to put them to good use for our photoshoots.


Just like with the rest of our props, pencils come in a variety of colors and patterns that can provide a fun accessory to go into your styled photos.

Paper Straws and Drink Stirrers

We might not actually use these in real life but we love adding them into our photos! You can get paper straws in different colors and patterns to fit your brand and we’re a huge fan of glittery, sparkly drink stirrers!

You might not actually keep these things in a prop closet but you probably already have these around the house that you can use to accessorize your photos.





Mugs and Glasses


Nail Polish


Once you stock up on your basics, you can expand your props into more unique pieces including seasonal items. Then you can continue to work on perfecting your Instagram posts. BONUS: We've already shared some tips on how to master the flat lay!

Whatever the case, we hope just you have as much fun as we do searching and stocking up on props to make your brand pop!

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