Bold & Pop : Harlem EatUp! Squarespace Website Design

Last year we were so lucky to have the opportunity to redesign the website for the Harlem EatUp! food festival and we were equally as lucky this year to help them make some tweaks and get everything in tip top shape before the festival's fourth year operating! 

The Project:

The Design:

While a huge chunk of this project was updating the site with this years events and participants, we also made some design adjustments to help make it a little more user-friendly and highlight their main events. Here are some of the adjustments we made this year: 

  • Removed the colored overlay from banner images to give a more crisp, clean look

  • Integrated a new ticketing system that would be embedded into the website

  • Created a testimonial banner on the homepage using reviews from past attendees

  • Created a graphics grid on the homepage to highlight each event type with additional information on that event when a user hovers over the graphic

  • Created landing pages for both their Dine-In Series and The Stroll

  • Created a dropdown for the events in the navigation

  • Integrated an interactive map in conjunction with their founding sponsor, Citi

Here's a look at how it all turned out: 

Bold & Pop : Harlem EatUp! Squarespace Website Design

One of the main events during Harlem EatUp! is The Stroll. This actually has 3 sections and the Harlem EatUp! team wanted to make it very clear what was included in each section. Because of this, we created their landing page as an index to highlight the difference between each section.

Bold & Pop : Harlem EatUp! Squarespace Website Design

We also created a different landing page for all of the events so visitors could easily see the events by date as well as the most important info like the chefs and pricing. 

If users click on the category buttons on this page, they will then land on the landing page that we built for each of these particular events.

Bold & Pop : Harlem EatUp! Squarespace Website Design

A few design and functionality changes and we had a whole new site for the Harlem EatUp! team! We really liked the improvements in usability. Festival attendees will now be able to more easily find tickets to the dinners they are interested in or information on The Stroll as well. And of course, it was a pleasure working with such an amazing team! 

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