Bold & Pop : 5 Entrepreneur & Career Resources that are Crushing It

Today we're sharing some of our absolute favorite entrepreneur and career blogs & resources that have made a serious difference for Bold & Pop along the way! We whole-hearted believe that as professionals in the same industry we're strongest when we work and learn together and we have mad support for all of the amazing people who are lucky and driven enough to be creating their own dream jobs!

So let's get to it! Here are 5 of our absolute favorite entrepreneur & career resources that we know you will love as much as we do!

The Nectar Collective

If you are an entrepreneur and aren't following The Nectar Collective yet.. Get to it! It's one of of our absolute favorites! Melyssa's tips and advice are so real and transparent and it's really hard to read her posts and not feel like you're talking to a good friend just giving it to you real. She also has a super awesome Facebook group Blog + Biz BFFs (that you can join if you sign up for this) , Twitter chat, and oh hiii she recently launched some kickass e-courses. Do yourself a favor and check her out! She's had such an impact on Bold & Pop and we know she'll get your inspiration mojo going!

The Everygirl

On top of being totally obsessed with their home tour and home decor section (definitely a guilty pleasure), The Everygirl's Career & Finance section boosts some really awesome articles! Some of our favorites are their career profiles. There's nothing we love more than reading about other ladies seriously kicking some butt! They hit ladies in alllll different industries too so it's really great to branch out and see the different passions of so many successful women. You go ladies!

Elle & Company

Another creative in the field that we really admire is Lauren from Elle & Company. Not only is her design work beautiful, but she's another one who it is killing it in the blog space! Something we really love about her blog is that she is so honest with her readers about the journey of her business and we love to feel like we have been right there with her as she has grown! We are also LOVING the second blog she recently launched called The Collaborative that features posts from other experts in the industry too. Between the two you have a dynamite combination!

By Regina

If you're looking to try new ideas for your business, By Regina has you covered! She's all about helping what she calls "infopreneurs" who are freelancers, coaches, and teachers -- anyone who wants to make a business out of sharing their knowledge. If you've ever thought of offering e-courses, e-books, in-person courses, or anything up that alley she is totally the girl to help you get there!

Career Contessa

And last (but definitely not least) is another one of our favorites Career Contessa. While not specifically targeted just for entrepreneurs, they offer some really great advice on building your career and other life topics that are totally important -- managing your money, life events, and wellness -- all that good stuff! They also include a lot of awesome articles from different women who share their experiences in their careers including the successes, struggles, and changes. It's an all around awesome platform and easy reading.

We hope you enjoyed our choices! Definitely check them out and share in the comments if you have any others you think we'd love!

Bold & Pop : xo A

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