Bold & Pop : Beauty Product Social Media Case Study

The Project:


The social media strategy for our beauty product client has been focused on the following:

  • Developing content to increase engagement rates across platform

  • Supporting PR campaign and strategic messaging across Facebook

  • Launching targeted Facebook advertising campaigns to support efforts

  • Streamlining imagery used on platform for brand consistency

  • Managing community management and social networking efforts

  • Integrating user-generated content into social media efforts (when available)

Strategies and Tactics:

  • Developed consistent social media content categories focused on driving key messaging. Categories include:

    • Naturally Bright: Focused on highlighting natural ingredients used in the teeth whitening kit and professional at-home results that can be achieved.

    • Reasons to Smile: Highlighting different reasons people have to smile and encouraging them to put their whitest smile forward.

    • Smile with Angie: Focused on showcasing supermodel and actress as spokesperson and support for brand

    • Time to Smile: Highlighting branded quotes to make followers smile and inspire them to share with others.

    • Stain Control: Educating people of stain-causing foods and drinks they may enjoy and how to combat the issue with the teeth whitening kit

    • Whiten at Home: Focused on showing people they can get professional teeth whitening results with product at home instead of going to dentist

  • Created custom branded graphics and styled lifestyle imagery for Facebook posts

  • Launched Facebook post engagement advertising campaign to expand reach of posts

  • Launched Countdown to Evine campaign to promote Evine appearance with Spokeperson, supermodel and and actress Angie, including giveaway for fans

Sample of styled images + custom graphics

 The Results:

Key campaign wins

  • Increased weekly post engagement rates by 1,900% from an average of 130 weekly engagements to 2.6k weekly engagements

  • Increased average weekly post impressions by 222% from an average of 20k weekly reach to 45k weekly impressions

  • Increased followers by 2.7k+ during campaign with 13% community growth

    • Helped reverse downward trend of community growth to positive trend. Prior to campaign, page was losing more followers than adding on monthly basis.

  • Launched Countdown to Evine campaign to promote Evine appearance with Angie Everhart including a giveaway. Campaign received 17k+ impressions, 6.5k post engagements and 350+ entries

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