Bold & Pop : Common Mistakes You May Be Making On Social Media

Social media is a littleeee more than just posting on your accounts here and there. As much as we’d love to think that posting is enough, that’s not the best way to use social media to your brand’s advantage. Throughout our experience working in social media, we’ve noticed a few common mistakes some brands make that are easily avoidable (trust, we’ve probably make one or two of these ourselves!). So we’ve put together a few key points to avoid (or fix) that will help give your social media a little boost!

Your Profile Isn’t Complete

This means you have no bio/description or website visible (gasp!). You want to make sure you have as much information as possible filled out on each social media account. Not only will this help provide a little snapshot of your business, but it also helps make your business look credible and trustworthy. You want to make it as easy as possible for people to first, know what your biz is all about and second, get more information on your brand (and maybe even purchase your product or services!) if they are interested.

You also want to have clear CTAs directing your followers to your website to get more information, sign up for your newsletter, or whatever else you’d like them to do! You’ll want to include these CTAs in both your bio/description as well as in your posts!

Inconsistent Posting

This is veryyy common. Having an inconsistent posting schedule can actually do more harm than you'd think and it's actually pretty easy to fix! Whether you decide to post daily or just 3 times a week, we recommend sticking to the same schedule week after week. To make life a little easier, plan your posts in advance. Every Monday we create content calendars for both Bold & Pop and our clients! While planning content takes time, it will ultimately save you time in the long run and help keep you on a regular posting schedule! If you're looking for a content calendar, we have you covered in our freebies

Not Being Social

Social media is all about being social! Along with posting consistently on your accounts, you want to make sure you also take time to network and interact with your followers. Dedicate time each day to follow relevant users as well as like and comment on other posts.

Make sure you’re genuine in your interactions though! Users can tell if you automate this process and this will actually do more harm to your brand than good!

Not Using the Right Hashtags

Hashtags are a great tool to help grow your social media accounts so you want to make sure you use them right! Taking the time to research the right hashtags for your industry will not only help make your posts more visible to an engaged audience but will also help you connect with others in your industry and even followers searching for your product or service.

Inconsistent Visuals

Along with inconsistent posting, this might be the most common mistakes social media users make. Social media is probably one of the quickest snapshots (other than your website) a follower can get of your brand so you want to make sure it is a cohesive representation of your brand. Taking the time to plan how your feed will look is worth every second of the time it takes you. Do you have a theme you follow? Colors? Tones? We love our COLOR so we make sure this is portrayed throughout our brand and especially on social media!

While these might seem like small missteps, they can definitely add up and weaken your social media strategy. Luckily, these mistakes are all easy to fix and implement to get your social media on the right track!