Bold & Pop : Fav Series Instagram Hashtag Edition

We love them, hate them, make up our own, but know they are 100% necessary to grow your Instagram account. We're talking hashtags, people. While using more general hashtags to describe your post is important, there are also other great hashtags you can use to be a part of specific communities. We’ve experimented with various hashtags and have rounded up some of our favorites that have helped us build our Instagram account to date.


This hashtag was started by Glitter Guide. Anything fun and girly goes (right up our alley)! Not only is this hashtag full of glittery goodness but Glitter Guide actually looks through this hashtag and will pick photos to repost throughout the week. Because of #flashesofdelight, we’ve had one of our Instagram posts reposted on their Instagram account and another photo featured on their website!


This hashtag was started by Darling Magazine and the idea is to share all the darling little moments in your life. They also use the hashtag #darlingweekend for weekend posts! Like Glitter Guide, they also will repost to their Instagram accounts so feel free to get creative with your posts.


If you haven’t read the book #girlboss by Nasty Gal founder, Sophia Amoruso, you need to ASAP! This inspiring book follows the journey from hitchhiking and dumpster diving to being the founder of a multi-million dollar business in just 8 years. This hashtag is for anything boss related and it is by far one of our favorites.


This hashtag belongs to The Nectar Collective. This is one of our favorite business resources to follow so we love sharing our hustle and follow other entrepreneurs’ hustle with this hashtag. They also repost your hustle pictures to their account.


This is our newly discovered favorite hashtag from the Facebook group we joined, Being Boss. A great community on Facebook and Instagram sharing everything about being boss -- victories, struggles, questions, and just overall support. Like #girlboss, we use this to share all our boss activities.

Bold & Pop : Fav Series Instagram Hashtag Edition

Not all these hashtags will make sense for your account and the most important thing to remember is to be true to your brand. The best part is now Instagram’s Search and Discover section makes it much easier to find relevant hashtags for your brand. Poke around and see what you can find to help grow your Instagram account.

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