Bold & Pop : #BoldBossTribe Feature with Joy Garcia Founder of The Joyful Company
Bold & Pop : #BoldBossTribe Feature with Joy Garcia Founder of The Joyful Company
Bold & Pop : #BoldBossTribe Feature with Joy Garcia Founder of The Joyful Company

Tell us your bold boss story!: 

I believe that women around the world have so much to offer, especially in very strong and serious leadership roles in their businesses. And yet more often than not we doubt ourselves and our abilities so much so that we self-sabotage that beautiful vision of what we truly want to be and know we should be.

That self-doubt comes in many forms: fears, challenges, past experiences, and just general inner voice conflicts. The key is to acknowledge them, and face them, head on. The work starts when we understand each one, acknowledge its source and from there reposition it to build on your strengths ultimately transforming you into the leader you already know you are.

I want to help women in the world to make their dreams a reality. And I do this because I believe in it, from the very core of my being.
I am a powerful woman who empowers leading women to be the best version of their business-selves that they can be, because we know we deserve it.

We're all about bold boss moments, tell us about one of yours!: 

One of my hobbies is to be organized (yes, for real) and so many of my friends and people that I came across in my work & personal life were always asking me: 'How do you get through so much in one day? How do you stay so super organized and on top of your life?' so I decided to start my very own YouTube channel dedicated to helping women get more organized with all of my tips and tricks I use in my daily life. The channel's goal is to help you become so organized that you end up with so much more time for yourself to do the things you love, and long for ... whether that is a nail bar session, or to watch your kid play soccer, or to just be able to sneak away for an hour with your book and favourite cup of coffee or glass of wine, and be alone. It's called Organized Joy, the A to Z of an organized life.

Bold & Pop : #BoldBossTribe Feature with Joy Garcia Founder of The Joyful Company

What advice or words of encouragement do you have for the Bold Boss Tribe?: 

My wish for myself is that in 5 years time I will be sitting in my office, that looks over the skyline of a city I call home, reading an article in the magazine where they have profiled me as the leadership coach the woman of the world were looking for. It is filled with testimonials from happy clients who are quoted on how we transformed her from a ‘wanna be’ leader and business woman into a seriously successful business and leader through the work we did together.
My husband and my dogs are with me, and we so content and at peace with the life we have, and where we have gone through our work together. My advice is to take the time to think and paint the ideal picture you have for yourself in 5 years and then work on making it a reality.

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