Bold & Pop : #BoldBossTribe : Kaitlin Cleary & Lauren Moreno

Kaitlin Cleary & Lauren Moreno | Team 624 Communications

Tell us your bold boss story!: 

My Co-Founder, Lauren Moreno, and I have been close friends for 14 years. We've always talked casually about starting a business together but it was always more of a "someday" dream. Last year, we began working together on a freelance project, and very quickly I knew we could work as a great team, using our complementary skills (her as a 1 woman marketing department for a small business and a graphic design background, me as a social media coordinator with a copywriting background) to really help businesses grow. It was with that freelance client that it really hit me - we KNOW what we're doing! It's such an exciting moment when you realize you have acquired a vast amount of knowledge over the years that others truly don't have. After a few days of running numbers and talking to my family, I left my job as a social marketer at QVC to begin the process of building our company. Lauren was excited, but nervous. She ended up leaving her job 4 months later, after we'd built a small client base. The feeling of investment we now have in our careers is unlike anything we've felt in our 20 years combined experience as other people's employees!

Bold & Pop : #BoldBossTribe : Kaitlin Cleary & Lauren Moreno

We're all about bold boss moments, tell us about one of yours!: 

Early 2017 has been exciting for us. Lauren just completed her MS in Innovation in Digital Marketing from the Fox School of Business at Temple University - a longtime goal of hers achieved. Kaitlin was recently asked to speak at an international conference in Vienna!

Bold & Pop : #BoldBossTribe : Kaitlin Cleary & Lauren Moreno
Bold & Pop : #BoldBossTribe : Kaitlin Cleary & Lauren Moreno

What advice or words of encouragement do you have for the Bold Boss Tribe?: 

I think what's been most important for us in terms of maintaining morale and focus is remembering that EVERY insecurity, stressor or moment of confusion is normal for entrepreneurs. As WeWork members, we have the opportunity to be around lots of entrepreneurs, so we can say that with certainty! Also, don't have too much pride to step back and look at where you can learn from others in your field. Though we offer social media expertise to our clients, we only maintain that expertise through checking out what other agencies are doing, taking courses/online trainings from other successful social marketers (Jenna Kutcher's courses are great!) and agencies (LOVE Bold & Pop!) and never assuming that we can't learn from someone else who does what we do. Once you start actively looking, you'll see opportunities everywhere to continually learn and educate yourself in your field.

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