Bold & Pop ::  #BoldBossTribe Feature with Maggie McGaugh of Social Maggie
Bold & Pop ::  #BoldBossTribe Feature with Maggie McGaugh of Social Maggie
Bold & Pop ::  #BoldBossTribe Feature with Maggie McGaugh of Social Maggie

Tell us your bold boss story!: 

I'm Maggie, the owner of a social media strategy business near Dallas, Texas. The journey getting me here was amazing, challenging, and nothing short of an adventure.

In December of 2016, I graduated college with a degree in marketing. Considering I had worked part-time for several businesses as a social media strategist, I looked for a career in that field. I found a job and began working full-time a mere month after graduating. Unfortunately, the day I walked into my new career, my bosses changed my job from marketing to wholesale. Suddenly, I was managing accounts and mindlessly working to meet unrealistic sales goals.

For 3 months, I dreaded waking up. I felt like I was wasting my life. Suddenly, one day, I realized that life was way too short to be miserable 5 days of the week. So, I went home, and turned my dream into a reality. Within hours, I had chosen a name, created a logo, designed a website, branded my business, ordered business cards, set up my social media platforms, and got to work building a community. Well, here's the thing about doing what you're passionate about: you'll get so excited that it'll quickly become all or nothing. So, with a shaky voice and racing pulse, I told my boss that I would be quitting my job to start my own business.

Two weeks later, I already had 2 clients, a growing Instagram, and a community surrounding me online. 4 months later, I was fully booked, working for myself full-time, hiring help, and working on developing new products and services. Now, well over a year later, I spend my days helping small businesses and creatives become as successful as possible on social media. It's been challenging and a bit messy, but BOY has it been worth it.

We're all about bold boss moments, tell us about one of yours!: 

In the beginning of it all, I desperately wanted a client. ANY client. I had given my 2-weeks notice, and I had a rent to pay. I had a friend set up a meeting with a construction company. My gut screamed, "NO! This isn't your dream! It's not worth it!" The meeting went well, and I was offered a very large monthly package contract.However, I had a terrible feeling about it. I wasn't interested in construction. I didn't want to go into this field. I expressed my anxiety to someone who told me, "You can't really afford to be picky right now. You need every client you can get."
However, I realized something-- this new business was MINE. Working for myself would be a dream... but only if I made it dreamy. Taking on clients that talk down to me, don't interest me, or aren't a great fit for my business aren't worth the income. So, I rejected my first ever potential client. Two days later, I signed my first client-- and she was perfect for me! To this day, my best "bold boss" moment was listening to my gut, doing what was best for me and my business, and simply saying "no."

Bold & Pop ::  #BoldBossTribe Feature with Maggie McGaugh of Social Maggie

What advice or words of encouragement do you have for the Bold Boss Tribe?:


At some point, unfortunately, you will face struggles. However, as I've surrounded myself with a community of amazing women in business, you won't be the only one. Whether you feel lonely working in your home office. Anxious every time you open your eyes. Depressed as darkness comes over you in waves. Struggling to balance time spent with your family and time spent working. Feeling like you're not good enough. Wanting to quit.

I've been there. Thousands of bosses have been there... if not millions. It's not abnormal. The thing is, those feelings are a temporary stop on a much grander journey to success. Talk to someone, find an accountability partner. Be honest about your struggles and use them as stepping stones to reach the potential you dream of reaching.

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