Bold & Pop : #BoldBossTribe :: Nicole Doumato
Bold & Pop : #BoldBossTribe :: Nicole Doumato

Tell us your bold boss story!

In my early teens through my twenties, writing was a creative and therapeutic outlet for me. I knew deep down that I wanted to be a writer but I wasn't sure of which route I wanted to take. It wasn't until I was pregnant with my daughter and on a Disney 'baby-moon' that I had an epiphany! I'll never forget the moment!! I was on the Haunted Mansion ride with my fiancee and I thought to myself "what am I waiting for, this is it, this is my life! I should go for it with my writing!" Until that point I allowed so many factors to hold me back from pursuing my passion. I grew up in a lower middle class family to a teen mom, I was always taught the value of hard-work; higher education and creativity was never encouraged or thought of as means of employment. I constantly let the voice in the back of my head tell me "You're not good enough" or "This is a waste of time" get the better of me always, until my epiphany. I have been pursuing my blog ever since! I have lost my way many times and made countless mistakes, but I've always found my way back to my passion and I continue to move forward each day.

Bold & Pop : #BoldBossTribe :: Nicole Doumato

We're all about bold boss moments, tell us about one of yours!

Every step toward building your brand can be anxiety inducing! Having the courage to hit send when e-mailing a pitch or even stepping into a room full of your peers to network. Each step is unknown territory and there is a constant wave of fear and doubt. Each step you take will make the next one a bit easier; you are going to hear 'no' a million times before you ever hear a yes, be comfortable with that and own it, your 'no' wasn't a good fit for you anyway! I recently put together a pitch and the draft sat in my folder for days until I worked up the courage to hit send, I took a risk and I got a resounding YES! Sometimes you just have to face the dragon and slay!

What advice or words of encouragement do you have for the Bold Boss Tribe?

The first thing everyone wants to do, is make money, so naturally that's what most people turn their focus on. However, the last thing that will happen in your business is... to make money! Focus on building your tribe, networking and getting your hands on as many great resources as possible. There are countless free resources such as Twitter chats, webinars, Facebook groups, and other blogs that you can look to for key information.

My last piece of advice is to always be YOU. Being you is what your brand is about and what will ultimately draw in your peers and your potential clients. No matter how off-the-wall you may feel your brand or brand ideas are, be true and consistent to it!!

Bold & Pop : #BoldBossTribe :: Nicole Doumato

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