Bold & Pop : #BoldBossTribe Feature with Sam Vander Wielen
Bold & Pop : #BoldBossTribe Feature with Sam Vander Wielen

Tell us your bold boss story!: 

Hi! In 2012, I graduated from law school and practiced corporate law in large law firms for 5 years. In doing so, I helped so many businesses and business owners start or grow their own business. Being super passionate about wellness and food, I decided to leave the law in 2016 to start my own health coaching practice, Hygge Wellness. I connected and worked with so many women whose journeys were similar to mine -- they were stressed, burnt out, and needed help learning how to prioritize their own self-care. I absolutely love working with women in this way! But then something unexpected happened...

I heard from women all over the country who were also passionate about starting their own business (of so many varieties!) who wanted to connect with me because of my background as an attorney. I started helping them learn how they, too, could follow their passion and start their own business 1 step at a time. I also saw that there's a real need for simple, affordable DIY legal documents and resources for women who want to start or grow their own business. Like them, I was frustrated that I couldn't find any resources online that understood what it was like to be an online entrepreneur or business owner. So in 2017, I started Sam Vander Wielen LLC -- offering coaches, entrepreneurs, and creatives easy, accessible DIY legal templates and business resources. I want women to feel secure so they can create content from the heart (you know, the type of content that actually helps people and sells, too!).

We're all about bold boss moments, tell us about one of yours!: 

I love that I get to play a tiny part in so many women's businesses doing what I do now. I have clients who run courses or programs online, work 1-on-1 through coaching, or who run huge blogs. They can feel comforted in the fact that I'm not only a former attorney, but I'm also an online business owner myself. I get it. I've been in their shoes! So I'm super proud when I see their program launch, or that their 1-on-1 coaching programs are sold out and on waiting lists. As a former attorney who was chained to my desk with no creative abilities, I'm also super proud of my new website. I did it myself and I love it. I think it's really cool to show yourself that you can do anything you want, as long as you have the passion and drive to achieve it. I also think designing your site is a great, underestimated business planning tool.

What advice or words of encouragement do you have for the Bold Boss Tribe?: 

Be authentic. Be helpful. Have purpose & passion behind everything you do. I don't have to try very hard to be myself. I just remind myself (and my clients) to be true to who I am. I'm not like every other entrepreneur out there and I love that. I'm me, and I want to help anyone who connects with my message. I also try to be as helpful as absolutely possible. Customer service is key in business. I like to drop my clients some unexpected surprises in the mail, answer any of their questions that I can legally answer, and be there to support and share their businesses as much as possible!

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