Bold & Pop :: #BoldBossTribe Feature with Tiffany Fox of Fizzy Party
Bold & Pop :: #BoldBossTribe Feature with Tiffany Fox of Fizzy Party
Bold & Pop :: #BoldBossTribe Feature with Tiffany Fox of Fizzy Party

Tell us your bold boss story!: 

My business probably really started back in my teens. I've always been creative and wanted to style the backdrops at fashion shows which is kind of like styling parties which is what I do now. I never pursued the fashion show angle because I would have needed to move to NY and I am not a big city girl. I didn't actually start Fizzy Party until 6 years ago when I was surfing around the net and found party blogs. Light bulb moment and the rest is history as they say. Fizzy Party focuses on facilitating and strengthening the girlfriend bond through mini parties. In real life friendships are dying and that is not acceptable to me as friendships are very important. Fizzy Party inspires you to call up your girlfriend's and invite them over for a fun mini party where you'll deepen that connection with your friends. I also host craft workshops that are more just crafting. Fun and connections are made too.

We're all about bold boss moments, tell us about one of yours!: 

I would say my first bold boss moment was when I decided I wanted one of my parties published in Mingle magazine and I went for it. I sketched out the party, hired a photographer, submitted the party photos and waited. When I heard back from the editor that they wanted to print my party and asked if I wanted to write the article or have them write it I didn't even hesitate and told them I would write it. I had no idea when I submitted my party if the publication would accept it or not but I just thought, all they can say is no. So I went for it. 

My advice is when an opportunity pops into your inbox, grab it.  I did just that and now appear on our local afternoon TV program every few months which films live. A local blogger I know emailed me and said the producer of the show asked her if she knew any other bloggers who would be a good fit for the show and this blogger thought of me. She told me to contact the producer of the show if I was interested and included an email address.  Going live on TV is definitely a butterflies in the stomach moment but what an opportunity!  I sketched out a few party ideas, emailed  them to the producer and waited. The producer loved the ideas and booked me.  I'm an extrovert and have no problem speaking to a group but this was Live! Of course I was a little nervous on the day of the show but I Know my parties and this was an opportunity I couldn't pass up. I'm so glad I channeled my bold boss and went for it. The first segment went great! And I've been asked to come back as much as I can. 

Bold & Pop :: #BoldBossTribe Feature with Tiffany Fox of Fizzy Party

What advice or words of encouragement do you have for the Bold Boss Tribe?: 

If you have a full time or even part time job and you're pursuing your passion on the side, take bigger risks. You have less to lose than someone who's passion IS their full time and only job. You can absorb the bigger risks and you just never know what opportunities will arise from it. I've had my parties featured in magazines, been in an infomercial and am a regular on our local afternoon program which films live. All because I'm taking the risks and leaping into them.

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