Bold & Pop : Chris & The Cooler Branding Project

Chris Sandstrom ring a bell!? You might remember the name because we also did a website revamp (link) for the author, sports writer and freelance writer. Well, he’s at it again and asked us to help him with his newest venture a sports podcast! While you may be familiar with some of our girlier design style, we aren’t one-trick ponies! ;-)

The Project:

The Project & Design:

  • Assist with name of podcast
  • Create logo with a masculine touch for sports podcast
  • Create logo that is different than author logo, but similar vib

Working with Chris for a second project we knew just how to hit the ground running! His podcast partner and him had been playing with a few different name options but couldn’t quite make up their minds so we decided to mock-up 4 different logo concepts with a variety of the names they were considering. They were hoping that once they saw the concepts on paper it would help them visualize their brand and what fit best. So we did just that!

Bold & Pop : Chris & The Cooler Branding Project

After seeing our initial concepts, but guys were drawn to the Chris and the Cooler option. From there, we refined the logo options a little futher.

Bold & Pop : Chris & The Cooler Branding Project

It’s so much fun for us to help bring brands to life! While the guys had already started their podcast, and had some ideas for the style of the logo, we were able to work with them to bring their ideas to life and give them a logo that they really feel like represents their podcast. If you’re into sports, sports betting, or Game of Thrones give their weekly podcast a listen

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