Bold & Pop : EC Beauty Squarespace Website Design

When we were introduced to Erica from EC Beauty Studio and Spa about helping with her website redesign, we were so excited. Not only because she was recommended from an amazing past client but hellooooo, a luxurious spa! Then we got chatting with Erica and she is also awesome so naturally we really wanted to work with her and her team. 

The Project:

The Design:

Erica was in the process of moving her beauty studio to a new location and wanted a fresh look for her website as well. She already had a beautiful new logo created but needed a little help with the website. She also had a really clear idea on what she liked for the layout which made laying out her homepage a breeze. So for the design, we mainly took elements from her new logo, translated them into the design, and focused on a few of the following: 

  • Creating a clean, modern website with eye catching colors pulled from the new logo
  • Assisting with photo sourcing to help keep the look of the imagery consistent
  • Setting up an online shop for the products they offer clients
  • Highlighting the various services they offer in a clean, unique and eye catching way
  • Integrating a skincare tip of the month that can be updated regularly as well as monthly specials

For the design of the homepage, we went with a scrolling parallax structure to add an interactive visual element that also translates well across different devices. We also knew Erica wanted to highlight two categories of services, Face and Body. So we created buttons using a gallery index page to direct visitors to those specifics pages as well as a book now button. 

Then to start to build some trust and credibility with potential new clients, we highlighted some of their Yelp! testimonaisl (becuase their clients have GREAT things to say) as well as their team, press, and their expertise through their skincare tip of the month, Instagram account and their monthly specifials.

Bold & Pop : EC Beauty Squarespace Website Design

We knew Erica liked the look of a gradient overlay on some images so we decided to integrate that on the main banner images throughout the site. We also integrated a gradient element through a custom orchid background as well as a simple gradient background on a few other pages.

Along with using some custom CSS to create pink gradient backgrounds, we also used code to make some images circular to give a softer look that works well with their relaxing spa environment. 

Bold & Pop : EC Beauty Squarespace Website Design

They also offer several services that fall under a few different categories within their main categories so we needed a way to differentiate these sections. We did this using various colored backgrounds within an index page. This helped to break up the sections and make it easier for users to find what they are looking for. 

Bold & Pop : EC Beauty Squarespace Website Design
Bold & Pop : EC Beauty Squarespace Website Design

Our main focus was to integrate the new branding in a clean, modern way while also giving the site a relaxing, spa-like vibe. We absolutely love how it all came together and next time we're in Hoboken we're definitely heading to EC Beauty Studio and Spa for a facial! 

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