Bold & Pop : Evelyn O'Doherty Social Media Audit

The Project:


Evelyn O'Doherty offers Stand up Boarding (SUP), Surf & Yoga experiences in the Hamptons of New York and came to us looking for some advice on how she could maximize her social media efforts. Already knowing the basics of social media and having a great start she was looking to step up her efforts and increase her reach. 

Strategy & Tactics: 

Through our audit, we evaluated all of Evelyn's social media accounts and provided a complete report evaluating her efforts as well as providing detailed tips and training to maximize her accounts. Here's a look at some of the topics we covered in her audit.

  • Customizing social media content for each social media channel

  • Social networking strategy and techniques

  • Complete audience analysis

  • Social media best practices and strategies for success

  • Sample content calendars with posting examples and frequencies

  • Social media suggested graphics style guide

  • Maximizing social media advertising campaigns

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