Bold & Pop : Finding Your Biz Tribe

If you checked out our blog post about what we learned in our first year of business you know that we talked about how important building your team is. Well, it turns out we have a LOT more to say about the topic so today is dedicated to finding your tribe! No matter what type of work you're doing, you need support yo! While sometimes we think we can do it all.. the truth is we can all benefit from having our own teams (even if you are working on your own!)

Find Your People

We've talked a lot about Facebook groups in past blogs and it's because we have connected with SO many amazing people! We're talking serious boss friends. The best part is there are literally groups for everything! You'll find some are better than others based upon what you're looking for. Facebook isn't the only spot either.. Twitter chats, LinkedIn groups, Group Pinterest boards, and oh yeah and that in-person thing too 😉 -- we love Take some time to explore a little and see what vibes with you. 

Finding a group of like-minded people outside of your normal crew can be so valuable for your business. Not only do they provide great networking opportunities but these groups can also be such a valuable resource to just bounce some biz questions off with people who have been where you are and can offer valuable feedback. While we love our support from our fam and friends (more on that later) sometimes you just need to chat with people who really get it!

Partner with Others

This might involve outsourcing certain parts of your business.. or partnering with others who offer similar services, but we're huge fans or teaming up with others! In fact that's part of what inspired our whole business plan of a collective!

Maybe you're bomb-digs at building websites, but creating the graphics take you for-evaaa and you always dread creating them. Partner up! Explore your network or do some research of your own and see who has a similar style and might be able to help. By partnering up with others or outsourcing some of your work you may find you are WAY more efficient so you can focus on the things that you are seriously good at and passionate about. At some point in our businesses it becomes more expensive to not hire a new team member or another person or firm. If you're a one or two person shop and want to keep it that way, this is also a great alternative to hiring internally.

Something else we love to do too is refer our clients to other agencies or businesses that might be a good fit for something they're looking for. A lot of times this is something outside of our scope where partnering up may not make sense, but that we still want to help out. So much of our business has come from referrals which we are so thankful for, so to share the love we started a referral program! We love the program because it's a nice way to give back and show those who refer clients to us that we appreciate their support. Of course not everything is sales related though and we also try to connect as many people as we can who we think will impact their businesses. A key reason we started Bold & Pop was to help other business owners however we can and we like to stay true to that! Because hey, us boss ladies and guys need to stick together!

Bold & Pop : Finding Your Biz Tribe

Support From Fam & Friends

When you're following your dreams and chasing your entrepreneurial goals we'd all like to hope that our closest family and friends will support you -- and hopefully they do! We've found that when it comes to our fam and friends side of our tribe it's almost more important to make sure you are maintaining those relationships which is a little different from what we've discussed above. Sometimes those closest to you don't know how to support you and there will be times when they might not understand certain parts about your journey, and that is okay! The reality is, owning a business is a whole different world than a lot of other peoples' career paths, which is also okay! We've found having a conversation with those we love can be so beneficial on both sides and keep your fam and friends support crew strong! 

Here are some things we suggest considering:

  • When we started our business we explained to some of our friends that while we love them dearly, we were going to have to cut back a little bit on the weekly girls nights or brunches because launching a biz is a lot of work and doesn't always fit between the hours of 9 and 5. By being upfront and acknowledging that we were going to be a little more MIA than usual most of our friends understood when we only made it to every other girls night and no one's feelings were hurt.
  • Try and schedule family time or calls. Going off of our last comment.. while you might not be able to make every event, it's important to still take some time off and keep in touch! Don't fall off the planet. Agree to some get-togethers or calls and most importantly, stick to them! A lot of times strain can happen when people feel forgotten and you don't want your favorite people to feel exiled out of your life.
  • Be present! We totally understand running a biz can sometimes be a 24/7 gig, but try and be present when you are spending time with others or catching up on the phone. A lot of times friends and fam will want to talk about your biz and get updates.. so update them and then try and talk about other topics too. It's all about finding balance 😊

Having a strong team of people you know you can count on can seriously make all the difference in your business. We all need love, support, and guidance and finding your tribe has been so important to us! It's also one of the reasons we decided to launch the #BoldBossTribe! Which, btw, have you submitted your entry yet? Only a few more days to submit! We wanted to create a fun environment to bring together a seriously awesome and inspirational group of bosses kicking bootay! We hope this blog post has inspired you to build or strengthen your support system and stay tuned for next week when you just might meet the next member of your tribe through our features!