Bold & Pop : Girl Bosses traveling to Girl Boss Places

As you may have seen from our Instagram account, the Bold & Pop ladies got a little travel in this holiday season! One of our most favorite things about being entrepreneurs is the freedom to take our offices wherever we are. As long as we have an Internet connection and our trusty laptops, game on!

Here’s a look at some of the places we visited from coast-to-coast!

Portland, OR

3 favorite things about city:

  • Powell’s Books. A true Portland classic that we could stay all day in.

  • The food. We didn’t find a place with only average food our whole trip. Everything was just wonderful!

  • The small city vibe of Portland. There’s truly something in the air in Portland that just makes it different than other cities we’ve been to.

Something we ate:

  • Pretty much everything on the menu at Pine State Biscuits -- no that is not an exaggeration. This place is THAT good. Their biscuit sandwiches, grits sampler, and then there was this cinnamon roll… If you’re in the good old PDX, you need to hit this spot!

Something we did:

  • Celebrated the holidays by seeing the Nutcracker!

Vancouver, BC

3 favorite things about city:

  • People were SO friendly everywhere!

  • The parks. Vancouver had some really nice parks along the water that were just so beautiful with the mountains peeking out in the back.   

  • There was a lot of outdoorsy activities to try.

Something we ate:

  • Jumbo Shortrib Macaroni at The Flying Pig! We’d go back just to have this dish again! The shortribs were fall apart delicious and just perfectly cooked.

Something we did:

  • Watched fireworks and rang in the New Year along the water!

Seattle, WA

3 favorite things about city:

  • The views! Wherever you are in Seattle you pretty much have a beautiful view either of mountains or the water.

  • The city is spread out with a variety of neighborhoods that all have their own unique vibes

  • Seahawks pride. Seattle does not mess around with their pride for the Seahawks.. We’ve never been to another city that rallies behind their team so hard.

Something we ate:

  • Donuts and Italian sodas at Top Pot Doughnuts made our day! Especially A’s favorite.. maple bars! For some strange reason you don’t find them on the east coast -- maybe that will be Bold & Pop’s next business venture ;-)

Something we did:

  • Walked along Alki Beach. Yes, the beach in January! Okay, well we might have been bundled up but the views of the city from Alki are just simply the best.

Boston, MA

3 favorite things about city:

  • South Boston is the cutest little neighborhood with the best of both worlds. A beach on one side and the city on the other!

  • Castle Island. This is a little gem in the city and perfect for a walk on a nice day.

  • Lively night life. There were so many fun places to go!

Something we ate:

  • The most delicious massive Belgian waffle with fresh berries and fresh whipped cream from Local 149 in South Boston!

Something we did:

  • An improv show at the Improv Asylum. If you’ve never gone to an improv show, this is a must! Seriously, our cheeks hurt from laughing so much at the end of the show.

We had such a fun time traveling this season and we can’t wait to continue our adventures through 2016. So what’s next on our travel list? Here’s a few places we’d LOVE to see this year!

  • Nashville, TN

  • Raleigh, NC

  • Las Vegas, NV

  • Portland, MN

  • Nantucket, MA

Fellow girl and guy bosses, we want to hear from you! Where can you not wait to travel to this year?

Bold & Pop : xo A