Bold & Pop : How to Choose a Squarespace Template

So you’ve decided to build your website using Squarespace (Yayy!). You’ve signed up for the free trial, added all your biz and contact info, and now you have to pick a template (gasp). How do you decide? Which one will have the features I need? The layout I need? There are so many options! What do I do?! Well we’re here to help put your mind at ease and help you choose the perfect Squarespace template just for you!

First things first, you want to consider the type of website you need. Squarespace has 3 types of layouts:

  • Cover/landing page

  • Basic website (includes blog, portfolio sites, etc.)

  • Commerce

Depending on your needs, you’ll want to consider this when choosing your Squarespace plan, which will ultimately affect the templates you have access to.

Once you have this decided, you’ll need to consider the functionality and features you’ll need. While you can customize any template to include any of Squarespace’s key functionality and features, there are a few things that depend specifically on the template you use. This could include:

  • Blog sidebar

  • Secondary footer navigation

  • Banner images spanning the width of the page

  • Parallax scrolling

  • Horizontal vs. vertical navigation

  • Different header fonts and colors

Not sure what some of these features are or if you’d like them for your website? Luckily Squarespace always has a preview option for each template and often has example sites to take a look at for some inspiration! However, we do recommend getting out that pen and paper to make note of which features you like so you make sure you get everything you want in the template you choose!

Bold & Pop : How to Choose a Squarespace Template
Bold & Pop : How to Choose a Squarespace Template

Now that you have your list of must have features, it’s time to actually browse those templates! We recommend starting with the templates that are visually appealing to you right off the bat (if it’s helpful keep note of their names with that pen and paper!). Once you have it narrowed down to a few of your favorites, we suggest checking out Squarespace’s “Using XYZ Template” guide (in the left sidebar). These outline the features from above that you already made note of so you’ll know if that particular template has the functionality you desire. Narrow it down again from there and BOOM you have your template! Insert happy dance! 

For all you commitment phobes out there, don’t worry! You can always change your template later if you change your mind! Just make sure to make a note of any changes you’ve made to the style editor before you install the new template. These won’t transfer over and we don't want you to lose all the branding for your site! 

Still have questions or need a little help choosing your template? We're just one email away! Have a favorite template? Share in the comments below so anyone working on picking their's can check it out! 

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