Bold & Pop : How to Edit Photos For Your Brand

By now you already know we encourage you to use stock photos for your brand… especially if you don’t have the extra time to take your own! While finding photos that fit your brand is essential, editing them to be customized to your brand is just as important. You don’t need to know how to use Photoshop or any other expensive editing software. We’re sharing how you can edit your stock photos (yourself!) to make the biggest impact for your brand with minimal effort.

Crop Images to Fit your Needs

One of our favorite perks of stock photos is that you can easily crop them in different ways for multiple uses. You might be surprised by how different the same image can look if you just crop it in various ways. Cropping will also allow you to use the image for anything from social media posts to a website banner to blog posts.

When cropping your images, make sure you focus on what you want to highlight. Do you need negative space to also add text to the image? Is there an element of the photo that just screams your brand’s name? Make sure you consider those elements and what you are using the image for when you crop them.

Overlay Text

Adding text to your images can help promote your products, events, sales, or just your brand in general. When choosing stock photos for this purpose, try to visualize how you want the text to look on the image. Do you want it overlaid on the entire image or just in a specific spot that has some negative space?

Once you find the perfect photo for your needs, you don’t need to invest in an expensive program to add the text to your image. We’ve mentioned it before but we are big fans on Canva, a free platform that allows you to create fun graphics with or without your own images. There are several templates, backgrounds, and options to choose from and the best part is you don’t need any previous design experience to create customized graphics for your brand!

Adjust Colors

While we try to make sure the lighting and composition of our photos reflects our brand while we’re taking them, sometimes you just need to make little tweaks to the colors to make them a little more fabulous! This could include adjusting the brightness of the photo or the temperature or even making the photo black and white. Whatever vibe you’re going for, you can make adjustments to the coloring to perfectly fit your brand.

There are a few photo editing apps but we love to use A Color Story. The free version has some really great filters and effects to choose from and they also have the standard photo editing/adjustment tools too! We usually add a filter to brighten the photo and make the colors pop a little more or adjust the contrast, brightness and saturation manually with the adjustment tools. Trust us, it really makes a difference! Take a look:

With our society becoming increasingly more visual, having images that reflect your brand is essential but with these tips, you don’t need to be a photographer or graphic designer to create awesome visuals for your brand. It’s time to get your business poppin’! 🎉