Bold & Pop : How to Handle Your Biz (and Life) When Moving

It’s hard to believe that I’ve officially been living in Raleigh, NC for 6 months! If you didn’t already know, back in October I moved from Connecticut all the way down to Raleigh after visiting some friends and falling in love with the area. I had been looking for a new city but since I can work from anywhere, I had limitless options. And seriously, if a menu at a restaurant is too big, I can’t decide what to eat… how would I ever decide on a city when I have the option to live and work anywhere?! So when I finally visited Raleigh and decided this would be my new home, I couldn’t wait to make the move!

But hold on one second… how in the world do you move your biz with you? Luckily we do everything digitally. We rarely have in-person meetings with clients and usually handle all our business through email, phone calls or occasional video chats so this wouldn’t really be affected when moving. With that said, I was still moving to a new city where I only knew a grand total of 2 people and I work from home. So meeting new people (friends or business connections) was going to be much more difficult so for all my fellow work-from-home entrepreneurs planning a move, this post is for you right here!

Step 1: Handle All The Biz

First things first, we are an LLC and were registered in Connecticut so this was our first concern with moving. How do we switch from Connecticut to North Carolina? We consulted our accountant and he suggested we dissolve our LLC in CT and register in NC instead. Then we just changed our address associated with our EIN with the IRS. There may be other ways to do this so definitely consult with your accountant on what will work best for your business but this was much easier than I anticipated.

If you’re moving to another state, you’ll most likely need to find a new accountant too. This is something I just did (because I hate taxes and procrastinated.. Plus our CT accountant did our actual 2016 taxes!) I wasn’t exactly sure where to start so I asked a few awesome Facebook groups we’re in if anyone had recommendations and moved forward from there. So far so good!

Step 2: Get Social

It’s no secret that being an entrepreneur can get pretty lonely… especially if you work from home! This was a pretty big concern for me when moving although I admittedly didn’t get out much when I lived in CT except for occasional outings with my family and friends. One of my best friends lives in Raleigh but I also didn’t want to rely on her and her fiance all the time. So before moving I came up with a plan on how I’d get out and meet new people (because I’m an introvert and needed a plan to motivate me to actually get out there). Here’s what I came up with (and what I’ve actually done!) to meet new friends and business connections.

Co-working spaces

I know you’ve heard us talk about these before but they are a lifesaver for all you work-from-home peeps! While we haven’t gotten any new business from going to this co-working space yet, I figure you never know who you’ll meet and it's a nice little change of scenery for me once a week. 

While every co-working space is different, mine has some pretty awesome perks including:

  • Free lunchtime fitness classes

  • An awesome restaurant out of an airstream that you can get breakfast and lunch from

  • Network events including a weekly happy hour

Attending more of these networking events is on my list of things to do specifically for business purposes. My co-working space is located in the middle of Research Triangle Park (RTP) and they open the happy hour up to anyone working in RTP so the pool of networking connections really opens up during these too!

Extra bonus? This one is free to use the community space! Some co-working spaces are paid like WeWork but the one I go to is free to use whenever I want! If you’re in the Triangle, check out The Frontier!

Find a hobby

My hobby in CT was to go hiking which let’s face it, I’m not going to meet too many people doing that. One day before I moved, something on TV reminded me that I always wanted to try rock climbing again so I did a quick Google search and found a gym less than 15 minutes from my apartment! And this is where I’ve met 2 of my new NC friends! (The rock climbing community is also ridiculously friendly if you’re interested!)

Services like MeetUp can help you find groups with similar interests and even some that have business-related interests! If you know any business networking groups in the Raleigh area, let me know 😉

Connect in networking groups

I had planned on posting in the Facebook groups I had mentioned earlier asking if anyone was in the Raleigh area and interested in grabbing coffee but someone beat me to it! She posted over the summer and Anna actually tagged me in the post. We connected and became friends on Facebook (which I admittedly forgot about once I was actually in NC) and she messaged me out of the blue one day to see if I wanted to grab coffee. I did and we totally hit it off! (Not only does she have a pretty awesome hand lettering biz but she’s also a rock climber!)

Long story short, reach out in those groups and see if you hit it off with anyone! Having people to spend time with outside of working crazy hours definitely helps keep me sane while also helping me explore and enjoy my new city!

Since our business is all based online and Anna and I haven’t lived in the same city (or state!) since starting Bold & Pop, that wasn’t much of an adjustment for us. However, if your business is more location based, you’ll have other needs and may want to consider different marketing strategies to target your new location.

Have you moved to a new city with your business? Share your tips on adjusting in the comments for others to learn from!

P.S. Exciting news! We launched the free #GoingBold Facebook Group and would love for you to join us! Come on over!