Bold & Pop : How to Master the Flat Lay

We can’t get enough of the flat lay. From perfectly positioned flowers, sparkly accessories, and the brightest, cutest planners, we’re all about styling these pieces to create the most visually beautiful picture for our brands. The flat lay is one of our go-to Instagram shots so we’re sharing some of our top tips to help you become a flat lay pro in no time.


Focus on one or two main pieces complemented by smaller props and accessories. You don’t want your image to be visually overwhelming so by only focusing on one or two main pieces you can more easily grab the attention of users scrolling through their feed.


Using a white, colorful, or simple background can really help make your flat lay pop. However, if you’re using a white item, try to avoid a white background so your piece doesn’t blend in with the background.


Add a pop of color. Whether it is a flower, nail polish or another prop, adding in a little pop of color will instantly grab the attention of your followers.

Perspective and Angles:

If you have larger items, sometimes it can be difficult to get every piece in the frame. Grab your step stool or a chair to get the perfect angle. Just make sure you’re on stable ground and don’t topple over ;)


The easiest way to keep your image cohesive is using similar or complimentary colors. You want everything to work together and with your brand.

The biggest thing to remember is keeping all your images on brand. If a colorful background doesn’t work but a wood table does, do that! Keeping an eye on trends is so important but adapting them to work for you and your brand is even more important. If it doesn’t work for your brand, skip it!

Bold & Pop : How to Master the Flat Lay

Not sure where to start with your Instagram or need a little help styling some pictures? Our ‘Glass of Prosecco’ may be exactly what you need!

Play around and see what works for you and your brand… Because it’s all about those double-taps, right?

Bold & Pop : How to Master the Flat Lay