Bold & Pop : How Twitter Chats Can Benefit Your Brand

So you’re on Twitter and you’re ready to take your account up a notch. Twitter chats are the perfect opportunity to take your account to the next level and get your brand out there. So we’re here to share with you not only how Twitter chats can be beneficial for your brand but some tips to help set you up for success.

First Things First, What is a Twitter Chat?

A Twitter chat is basically a conversation based around a specific hashtag. This is a live “event” at a set time that is usually moderated and focused on a general topic. Topics and the time of the chat are pre-determined so you can prepare a little and decide whether or not you’d like to participate.

Next up, How can they Benefit your Brand?

Twitter chats are a great forum for you to share and learn from your peers while also promoting your brand to potential customers. Some other great benefits?

Build Community:

When you participate in a Twitter chat, you can expect to increase your followers and community by providing valuable information.

Tip: Follow those participating in the chat either during or right after the chat! You can even add them to a Twitter list to build your community.

Build Authority:

Sharing valuable information during the chat showcases your expertise in your industry building trust with potential customers.

Tip: Get to know the host of your favorite chat and reach out to let them know you’d be interested in being a guest. This is a great way to really show your specific area of expertise.

Create Relationships:

This is an opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge to customers and industry peers. However, you can learn from others and form relationship during the chat. Retweet, respond, favorite, and follow people in the chat to show your interest and expertise. The more relationships you form during the chat, the more recognition you will receive.

Tip: Make sure to have your Twitter profile updated properly so when your new connections visit your profile, they’ll have all the correct information.

Stay Informed:

Not only are you able to share your knowledge, but you have a chance to learn from others during the chat.

Tip: If you find a tweet or piece of information useful, make sure to acknowledge it with a tweet, retweet, or favorite! This will help build your community and relationships.

Promote your Brand:

Just by participating in the chat, you are promoting your brand. However, if it’s relevant, you are welcome to mention your product and/or service if it applies to the chat.

Tip: Don’t overdo it though. You do not want to be seen as spamming the chat. This can hurt your chances of forming beneficial connections and building a stronger community.

Bold & Pop : How Twitter Chats Can Benefit Your Brand

Now that we’ve sold you on participating in a Twitter chat, you’ll need to find some to participate in. Try using this list to find some that are relevant to your brand. You’ll also want to use TweetChat to help you monitor the conversations using the chats hashtag. Trust us, it will make your life infinitely easier during chats!

Remember to use the Twitter chats specific hashtag on all your tweets for the chat. If you don’t include the hashtag, the other participants in that chat won’t see your tweets! But most importantly, be yourself and show your brand’s personality. Stay connected with participants in the chat and watch your community grow, grow, grow!

Bold & Pop : M xo