Bold & Pop : How We Used Social Media to Acquire 58% of our Referral Traffic

If you’ve been keeping up with our blog for the last year or so, you know we originally built our biz solely using social media. After working in social media for the past 7+ years each and helping other people grown their businesses through social media, this was a no-brainer for us and really exciting to do for ourselves. While we know how much our strategies have been able to help others, even we were surprised when we broke down our yearly metrics by how much our efforts influenced our business.

During 2016, about 58% of our website traffic came from social media (and that's not even including all the direct clicks from Instagram!) with the following breakdown of that social media referral percentage being:

  • Pinterest 30%

  • Facebook 8%

  • StumbleUpon 6%

  • Instagram 2%

  • Twitter .5%

  • Other 11.5%

While it’s clear Pinterest drives the highest traffic to our website, we also know Instagram provides a much higher percentage than what our analytics show (because clicks on Instagram links in your bio were previously recorded as direct traffic). Plus, we know after we post on Instagram, our web traffic hits a spike. Regardless on the influx from that referral traffic though, 58% is a  pretty killer number. I mean guys, that's more than half of our web traffic which is pretty great for our metrics but we should also note that it's much higher than the industry average of 31.24% of social media referral traffic. Can we get a high-five for that?! 🙏🏻

While we may have already nearly doubled the industry average, we're not done yet and have some lofty goals up our sleeves to keep up the momentum for 2017. Plus, more exciting than crushing web traffic goals is serving YOU! Our readers, community, and overall badass biz bosses. So in the spirit of the New Year, we’re sharing how we used social media to sky-rocket our referral traffic and what tactics we're taking this year to keep up the momentum and hit our goals and that (we hope) you'll love too! So let's get down to biz on breaking down the different types of content we shared on social media this year and what we're trying this year!


Not only does our blog allow us to share our experience and knowledge but it also provides fresh content for us to share to help drive traffic to our website. We post all of our blog posts on social media and even recycle posts when appropriate. One of our most popular pieces of content viewed on our site this year was actually one of our blog posts that went viral on Pinterest and had over 11.6k+ views! Whoop, whoop! So you better believe we’ll be pinning our blog posts like mad women in 2017!

Because of this, we’ve decided that instead of posting a blog once a week we will now be posting twice a week in 2017! Because 1.) we have a lot to share with you and 2.) you guys seem to really enjoy our content! 


This is something we really love doing (hello cute designs!) but admittedly it’s one of those things that gets put on the backburner when biz gets a little hectic. When we have new freebies available, we post about them on social media and send out a little newsletter to our email list to keep everyone updated, but our schedule for them has always been a little wishy washy. We know our followers love our freebies from our web traffic though (and we also read all the sweet messages about how much you love our freebies! Thank you!) So in 2017 we're locking down a schedule and are working on planning them out much more in advance so they don’t get put on that backburner anymore and we can give you exactly what you need to rock your biz! 

Which, btw, If you have a tool or something in particular you’d like, drop us a line in the comments!

Content Upgrades

Another one of our main goals for 2017 is to grow our email list. We plan on doing this in several ways but one of the main things that helped us grow our list in 2016 was through various content upgrades. While our freebies are usually fun printables that are not password protected, we've tried creating content with a little more strategy and umph for our content upgrades! A little bit of both worlds is what we're going for. We have a lot of room to grow from our efforts in 2016 and this will be a big focus for us in the New Year. We plan on sharing when we have new content upgrades available on social media (like we do with our freebies!) to help get the word out and provide some useful free tools to our fellow biz owners!

Social Media Schedule 

Along with posting these different types of content, we’re also planning on upping our Instagram posts to 2 a day a few times a week. We consistently notice a jump in our website traffic after we post on Instagram so we’re going to test posting more to see if that helps increase our traffic as well.

While we share all of these different types of content on each of our social media and in our email newsletters, we plan on continuing to utilize Instagram the most and upping our Pinterest game! The funny part about our Pinterest strategy for 2016 is it was one of our LEAST utilized platforms, yet it yielded the most web referrals for us. So you can definitely bet that we'll be upping our game on that platform this year. Anna has already taken the reins on Pinterest since December and we’ve already seen a huge increase in our web traffic in the last month so I can’t wait to see where it takes us in 2017 along with all our other marketing efforts!

While this isn’t the end-all be-all of our list, these are just some of the main pieces (along with our client projects!) that we’ll be focused on to help increase our own website traffic, email list, and social media accounts throughout 2017 and we can’t wait to report back on which of these techniques helps us grow our biz!

What will you be focused on in the New Year?

P.S. Exciting news! We launched the free #GoingBold Facebook Group and would love for you to join us! Come on over!