Bold & Pop : How We Used Social Media to Build our Biz

Most of you might not know but we’ve pretty much been able to build our business solely using social media. With backgrounds in social media and PR, we’ve had experience helping build other brands so we decided to put our skills to work for ourselves! While we’ve started to use other strategies and techniques to grow our business, social media has played a HUGE role in our strategy. We’ve been able to create an amazing, engaged community by highlighting our brand, providing value to our followers, and being social. Now it’s time for us to spill exactly how we’ve created a social media strategy that has helped us build our biz over the last year!

Stay on brand

Social media allows you to show off your brand and brand personality in a fun and unique way. You can speak directly to your target audience and having a strong brand will help your audience remember you.

Our brand is who we are as people and we have always wanted that to be portrayed. We’re bright, fun, and bold and our branding allows us to highlight that! Having a clear vision of our brand prior to launching Bold & Pop allowed us to focus a lot on keeping all of our social media accounts cohesive to consistently showcase our brand and personalities. We want everyone that visits our website or any of our social media accounts to have a great sense of who we are and what we do.

Be authentic and consistent with your content

There’s no point in using social media unless you’re going to be 100% authentic. We would never post about it unless we truly believe it and it fits with our brand! Take our donut obsession for example. Yes, donuts are trendy right now but that’s not why we post about them… We post about them because we truly LOVE them, eat them on the reg, and they make us happy (like really ridiculously happy!). While this may not directly link back to the services we provide, it is a part of who we are that we want to share with our audience - Donut lovers unite!

Along with being authentic, being consistent with your content is also key. We consistently post bright and colorful photos and keep our voice and tone on social media the same. By keeping our social media authentic and consistent to our brand we are able to create a consistent brand that our target audience is drawn to. Not to mention, working with people that mesh well with you makes business so much more fun so portraying who we are through social media has allowed us to connect with some people awesome people!

Bold & Pop : How We Used Social Media to Build our Biz

Provide value.. Don’t just sell!

We knew if we wanted to build a successful business we needed to focus on building our audience! And spoiler alert… people DON’T just want to hear buy, buy, buy! For people to actually care about the service you are providing or the product you are selling, you need to show value and your expertise. This is why providing value on social media is so essential! We try to provide useful information that our audience can use no matter if they are our client or not. Some of the ways we like to give back to our followers is through the following:

  • Share relevant, useful news and tips: We subscribe to a number of different blogs and news outlets and try to curate the content we share based on info we think will help our followers! While sharing your own content is certainly important, it's equally important to share information from other sources! 
  • Blog & content upgrades: Something we really try to do is create valuable resources for our followers through our blog content and the content upgrades we provide (which thank you for reading along!) We want our followers whether they're clients, friends, or just the casual online browser to walk away from our website with new info or a new perspective on things. 
  • Freebies: Another thing that we created to share across our social media is our freebies. From useful worksheets to fun prints we created the freebies because we wanted to create downloads our followers would enjoy. We try to create a variety of downloads every month so there's a little something for everyone!

Find YOUR platform

As we developed our branding for our business, we knew something that helped us stand out was our fun, bright and approachable vibe. Because of this, we knew Instagram would be the best platform for us.

We constantly focus on having high-quality images that portray our bright and bold branding (trust us, your imagery REALLY matters on Instagram and for your brand in general while also showing our expertise and (dare we say!) fun personalities through our Instagram captions. Since our brand is who we are as people in general, this has basically been second nature for us. However, we have spent time honing in on our voice and researching important aspects of Instagram like which hashtags work best for us and which types of photos work best for us (Spoiler: We love a good flatlay!)

Finding which platform works best for your brand will help you connect with the right community and will be really useful in building your business.

Build your tribe through through social networking

Another huge component of your social media strategy should be focused on social networking. Providing value to your followers and creating great content is a very important part of your strategy but you also need to make sure you are consistently working on expanding your network. If people don’t know about you or your business then they won’t be able to appreciate all of the great value you are providing through your content strategy! Here are two of our favorite ways to connect with others on social media:

Facebook groups: There are some amazing communities on Facebook that we’ve joined and have become pretty obsessed with. If you need a dose of inspiration, just read through the threads in these groups! But not only do they provide inspiration but they are also an amazing support network. If you have a specific business question, you will 100% find the answer in these groups. They also give you the opportunity to share your expertise and knowledge with others by answering their questions and providing support which is the BEST way to use these groups. Check out a few of our favorites:

Twitter chats: Twitter chats offer a lot of benefits for your brand but most importantly they provide an opportunity to jump into a conversation where you can network, ask questions and showcase your expertise. This is a great way to build your relationships with others and your community on Twitter while also staying informed!

So there it is! This is exactly how we’ve managed to build our biz using pretty much just social media in our first year of business. While we’ve learned a lot in this first year, one thing we never doubted was the power of social media, which is probably why we love what we do so, so much!

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Bold & Pop How We Used Social Media to Build our Biz