Bold & Pop : Juicebox Website Design

Nothing makes us happier than working with other passionate entrepreneurs and we recently had that opportunity when we were introduced to Juicebox! (And if you’re like us with your phone constantly running out of juice, you are going to thank us for introducing them too!) They are a new portable phone charger that not only keeps you powered from music festivals to the airport but IT STICKS TO THE BACK OF YOUR PHONE! So no more dangling mess (Score!) And that’s not the only awesome thing about them.. Seriously, you need to check ‘em out!

Not only do we love the product, but we were also excited that they wanted a clean, yet fun, website and branding elements to fit their vision. 

The Project:

Bold & Pop : Juicebox Website Design

The Design:

After discussing their vision and concept, we focused on these 4 aspects:

  • Create a cool, fun website to highlight the problem Juicebox solves in a clean and modern way
  • Create a clear voice for the brand through strategic copywriting
  • Create custom graphics and styled product images to provide a clear brand vision
  • Integrate an online store option
Bold & Pop : Juicebox Website Design

After speaking with their co-founders about how the idea for Juicebox came about (no power at Coachella!) and that they liked our writing style and Instagram account, we were excited to get started on their branding elements and website. We helped translate their experience at Coachella and other concerts into a story that pretty much every single one of us can relate to. We also were excited to take some styled images of the product to utilize on the website! 

The Juicebox itself is so fun and bold that we wanted to pay off of that while still keeping it the center of attention! We also wanted to illustrate different places and situations you may need Juicebox for so we tried to incorporate this into the imagery and copywriting when possible. After discussing the perfect layout of the site, here’s a look at what we came up with:

Bold & Pop : Juicebox Website Design
Bold & Pop : Juicebox Website Design

If you can’t already tell, we are big fans of Juicebox and had a lot of fun working on their website. If you’re in the market for a new portable phone charger and need something lightweight, slim, powerful and sticks to your phone, you need to check them out!

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