Bold & Pop : Life Aesthetics Branding & Squarespace Website Design

You know when you just vibe with someone? That's exactly what happened when we connected with Matthew and Jodii from Life Aesthetics and we couldn't wait to help with updating their branding and creating a brand new website to fit their vision. And now we can't wait to share a look into what we came up with for them! Here's a little peek into the project: 

The Project:

The Design:

After chatting with Matthew and discussing their vision for their new branding and website, we focused on the following for Life Aesthetics' project:

  • Update current logo with short and long variations
  • Update their color story to be fresh and bold while still attracting both men and women
  • Update imagery and graphics to highlight their various coaching programs
  • Integrate various ecommerce options including a membership section, a shop for apparel and digital products, and an option to take recurring payments for their coaching programs 
  • Design with a seamless user experience in mind by creating unique CTA buttons and streamlining their navigation 

*Sidenote: During our project, they were presented with a new business opportunity (yay!!!) which inspired them to keep Lean Aesthetics for one aspect of their business but also start Life Aesthetics for another part of their business which is why the logos will have different names on them. 

Bold & Pop : Life Aesthetics Branding & Squarespace Website Design

Once we nailed the inspiration board for the new branding, we were ready to hit the ground running on the new logo. One concern they had was that they had already built a huge following with their current logo so they didn't want to stray too far from that. So after discussing with Matthew and Jodii, we decided to keep the current symbol (the LA shape) but just create new variations. Here's a look at what we came up with for their initial concepts: 


From these concepts, Matthew and Jodii decided they loved the logo in the circle but they wanted to see a few different font options including a lowercase option. Here's a look at some of the options we presented to them: 

Bold & Pop : Life Aesthetics Branding & Squarespace Website Design

We made one last tweak to the tagline font and then we had a completed logo! 

Bold & Pop : Life Aesthetics Branding & Squarespace Website Design

Next up was their website redesign! They really wanted to infuse new energy into their website and after developing the new logo, we had a clear idea on how we could do just that.

Bold & Pop : Life Aesthetics Branding & Squarespace Website Design

We focused on creating a brighter, bolder website that not only included their new branding but also highlighted their coaching programs and allowed clients to easily sign-up right on their website. The recurring payment piece was particularly important to their growth strategy so we kept this particular piece in mind throughout the design. 

Bold & Pop : Life Aesthetics Branding & Squarespace Website Design

We also created custom buttons we used on the homepage to highlight their programs and their features so to extend this throughout the site, we used the overlap image layout built into Squarespace to create header images for each page with a similar feel. This way we could keep the bold new branding consistent throughout the entire site. 

Bold & Pop : Life Aesthetics Branding & Squarespace Website Design

We couldn't be any happier with how their website turned out and we're so excited to see what the future holds for Life Aesthetics because they are growing seriously fast!

If you're looking to get healthier, both physically and mentally, we highly suggest checking Life Aesthetics out.. their client transformations are insane! 

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