Bold & Pop Social Media Agency : Modern Gem Design Social Media Campaign Case Study -- Strategy and Execution for Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn

The Project:

  • Champagne Package

    • 4-month campaign

    • 4 platform strategy -- Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn


After launching an awesome new website for Modern Gem Design we helped kick off her social media accounts with a bang! Our launch strategy was focused around building awareness for the business by creating strategic content for Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn.

  • Built social media strategy with strategic campaigns to increase awareness and engage audience

  • Provided weekly content calendars

  • Launched blog strategy

  • Managed community management and social networking efforts

Strategy & Tactics: 

  • Created strategic social media content strategy and established consistent social media schedule
  • Connected with targeted audience and influencers through social networking and follower strategy. This was done by engaging with others on Pinterest and LinkedIn groups as well as key search terms on Instagram.

  • Launched blog content strategy for social media content and to improve SEO rankings

  • Launched Facebook advertising campaign to increase visibility of page and expand reach of posts

The Results:

Website Referral Traffic:

  • Social media accounted for 36% of monthly referral traffic to website (industry average 31%)

Community Growth & Engagement


  • Increased Instagram followers by 6,110% adding 620+ new followers

  • Increased weekly Instagram impressions by 14,130% to 1.4k impressions per week

  • Increased weekly Instagram profile views by 4,811% to 440 views per week


  • Increased Pinterest followers by 1,227% adding 140+ new followers (Starting 11)

  • Increased average Pinterest daily impressions by 4,700% to 1,296 daily impressions (Starting 27)

  • Increased average Pinterest daily viewers by 2,709% to 611 average daily viewers (Starting 21)

  • Increased average Pinterest monthly viewers by 2,506% to 15,507 monthly viewers (Starting 595)


  • Launched and grew Facebook page to 385 fans

  • Increased average weekly Facebook impressions by 84% throughout campaign to 550+ weekly (Starting 89)

  • Increased weekly post engagement by 47% to 46 unique weekly engagements (Starting 24)


  • LinkedIn posts from brand page and personal page, as well as engagements in LinkedIn groups accounted for 9% of monthly web traffic

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