Bold & Pop : #GoingBold :: Nanci Norelli Smith of Espresso Yourself
Bold & Pop : #GoingBold :: Nanci Norelli Smith of Espresso Yourself

Tell us your bold boss story!: 

My path to art was not traditional. I earned both a Masters and a Doctorate in a Biological Psychology field from UCONN. For the last 18 years, I was at home, educating my 6 children. While teaching them art, I taught myself. We integrated art into all aspects of learning. It was fun!I believe strongly in the healing power of art. Art played a huge role for my family in coping with issues around my son's autism. Now it's time for me to pursue my passion as a career. I'm so happy to be a Certified Grumbacher Art instructor. I also do pet portraits.

We're all about bold boss moments, tell us about one of yours!: 

I got to meet one of my she-roes, famed colored pencil artist Ann Kullberg, when she came to an art show in Tacoma. I walked right up to her and called her by her first name, and asked her to take a picture with me. We chatted and exchanged emails. I ended up doing some freelance work for her! . I was a project manager for one of her many art books, in which I got to contact artists from all over the world to be included in her book. I also wrote two articles for her COLOR Magazine (November and December 2015) on the healing power of art.

What advice or words of encouragement do you have for the Going Bold community?: 

I always thought either you had confidence or you didn't; not that it is a learnable skill which includes pushing through your fear. I saw this quote from Gayle King who interviewed a 13 year old Youtuber in an Oprah Magazine "Confidence is a choice....a big part of being confident is being brave, and you can't be brave unless you're scared".


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