Bold & Pop : PayPal Integration for Squarespace

Eeee! We're so excited about this news and we just can't hide it! PayPal integration is officially available for online stores on Squarespace! Woop, woop! Why is this such big news? We're taking a look at why and what it means for your website (or if you're thinking about moving to the platform!).

Trusted Payment Source

PayPal has long been looked at as a trusted payment source and having the option adds a sense of security for your customers. Most consumers are familiar with the widely used payment service so having the option on your store can strengthen the consumer's trust and your credibility. This can especially be important for new customers! Consumers want to feel secure about the way their payments are being processed and PayPal can add an extra layer of trust ultimately helping reduce abandoned carts.

Bold & Pop : PayPal Integration for Squarespace

Additional Payment Options

Prior to PayPal's beta launch, all payments were processed through Stripe -- another great online payment service. Squarespace customers now have the option to use Stripe, PayPal or both on their websites, which is both great for business owners and consumers. We're big fans of options so we're loving this update! Adding PayPal is also great for business owners who have thought about switching platforms, but who wanted to stick with PayPal for their processing. While you could still use PayPal buttons for products prior to the beta launch, having the built-in integration really simplifies the process making your ecommerce even easier to manage. 

Simplifies International Billing

Do you do a lot of business internationally? Then you're going to love this integration! While Stripe also offers international payment processing, the platform serves 25 countries vs PayPal's 190 countries and regions. Now it's time to think about your global marketing strategy 😉.

Squarespace Innovation

We continue to sing the praises for Squarespace because we believe in their product for our clients and updates like this remind us that the platform has its customers in mind. This partnership was pursued because Squarespace's customers kept asking for it and we're big fans of businesses that listen to feedback. While they're always tweaking the platform and making updates -- like their recent free SSL security feature -- this one is a BIG update and we're really excited about the new feature.

Want to add the new payment option to your website? Check out the instructions here or give us a shout and we can help you get set up!