Bold & Pop : Should You Consider Switching to an Instagram Biz Profile?

We’ve seen a lot of chatter lately from fellow entrepreneurs asking “Should I switch to a business profile on Instagram?” We totally get the hesitation.. Facebook owns Instagram and Facebook’s algorithm has basically made it so brands have to advertise to get traction on their pages and posts. Now with the new algorithm on Instagram, will the same happen? There’s no real concrete answer for that and it really comes down to personal preference but here are a few things we like about the Instagram business profiles!

Contact Button

No need to add your email to your bio anymore! You can use that space for more valuable information now if you need it since there is a built-in contact button. Plus, having a clickable button makes it a million times easier for those that want to contact you to just click the button rather than trying to copy and paste an email address from a bio! And you get to choose how they contact you: Phone, email or text. YAYYY!


Yes, you read that right… BUILT-IN ANALYTICS! While you still may want to use the third-party analytics tool you are already comfortable with, this is a huge addition to Instagram and we love it! This alone is reason enough to switch from a personal account to a business account if you ask us! Insights will only show for the posts created after you switch to a business account and provide analytics for the past week including:

  • Impressions
  • Reach
  • Profile views
  • Website clicks (Finally!)
  • Contact button clicks
  • Top posts
  • Follower analytics including gender, age, location, and when they are most active

If you’d like to see how a particular post performed, you can also click on that post and then “View Insights” to see the impressions, reach, and engagement for that specific post.

While these built-in insights might not be as robust as other analytics tools, they are an easy way to get a quick view of your overall account and how well your posts are performing.


Before this upgrade, you could only create Instagram ads through Facebook. Now if you want to advertise, you can create ads right through Instagram when you have a business profile. All you have to do is tap the “promote” link under the post you’d like to create an ad for. Then you can choose the text for your call to action button, choose your audience, budget, and timeframe for the ad to run. Easy peasy!

With that all that said, Instagram has also added a couple of other new features of being able to like comments, more easily reply to comments, and now livestream. Not just for business profiles either! We LOVE LOVE LOVE the new feature of being able to like and easily reply to comments. We think it will definitely help increase engagement and well, make all our lives easier which is key as a busy business owner! Now instead of replying to every single comment, you can at least acknowledge each comment by liking them and then easily reply when it’s more appropriate.

With newest addition of livestreaming, you can now expand your reach further and interact with your followers in real time. Host a Q&A, stream a talk you’re giving, highlight an event you’re at… the possibilities are endless!

So while there is no indication switching to a business account will help or hurt your account, we think these added features definitely make it worth it. Like with anything else in your business, it comes down to what you think is best for your brand! Either way, using the newest features Instagram has recently rolled out should definitely be integrated into your Instagram strategy! Happy ‘gramming!

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