Bold & Pop : Show Your To-Do List Who's Boss

The entrepreneur to-do list. Ever changing, always long and pretty damn exciting. A struggle many entrepreneurs is getting through their massive to-do lists. Whether you're working from home or at your own shop, putting all that you have into your business has its moments of being overwhelming! We're all about getting sh*t done so we’ve put together a few tricks that help us get through the week that we thought you might be able to use.

Plan Ahead:

Don’t shut down your work for the weekend on Fridays without making a to-do list for the next week. Yes, it’s going to change but having an idea of what your workload will look like for the following week will make coming in Monday a little less stressful and it will help you relax a little over the weekend knowing you already have a plan.

Pick Your Style:

Figure out what style list works best for you when it comes to your to-do list. Sometimes we list out tasks by priority, other times by client and some weeks by day. Everyone is different! We suggest giving a few a shot and seeing which works best for you.

Bold & Pop : Show Your To-Do List Who's Boss

Ask for Help:

If your to-do list looks to overwhelming, talk to your team (if you have one), your mentor, or just a friend! Even entrepreneurs could use a little guidance and sometimes you just need to talk through your thought process or brainstorm with someone else. We check in with each other here at Bold and Pop to make sure we are all working as efficiently as possible! So don't be afraid to ask for help when you need it! 

Be Flexible:

Be prepared for your to-do list to change. Sometimes we schedule everything so perfectly and we don’t want to stray from it, but sometimes the unexpected can happen. Instead of getting frustrated, always have a plan b set up in the back of your mind. If you can't get something on your list done today for some reason, don't dwell and move onto something you can get done today! 

So now you know some of our tricks, let’s hear some of yours! 

Bold & Pop : xo L