Bold & Pop : Squarespace vs. Wordpress: Why We Choose Squarespace

By now you probably know we have a major crush on Squarespace. Our site and pretty much all our client websites have been built on Squarespace and we just think they are the bomb digs. We get it though. Squarespace isn’t the only awesome platform out there to build websites. Wordpress is also super popular and we’ve seen some gorgeous site built on Wordpress but here’s a look at why we choose Squarespace over Wordpress all day, every day.

Ease of Use

This is probably the number one reason we choose Squarespace and our clients love Squarespace. Their WYSIWYG (What You See is What You Get) structure gives you a live preview so you can see exactly what your site will look while you’re editing it. Their backend is also really easy to navigate and learn quickly so you can hop right in!

With Wordpress, there is much more of a learning curve. While uploading a template is pretty straightforward, anything else involves more steps. If you want to make edits, you need to do it in the backend then preview the changes on the site. If you want to make additional changes, you need to go back to the backend, make the edits, then preview again and so on. You don’t have the WYSIWYG option like you do with Squarespace.

While this may not seem like a huge deal, it does make a big difference when you are designing a website. Plus, after we create the design of a client website and train them on how to use the platform, they can easily make updates themselves if they want rather than having to contact us.

No Plugins

To add specific functions in Wordpress, you need to install plugins. Good thing: They have plugins for EVERYTHING. Bad thing: They need to be updated.

You are then posed with the question, Do I update them or not? If I don’t, the site will still function but might be a little slower or pose a security risk. If I do, parts of my site might crash or not work properly. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Squarespace requires ZERO updates or plugins. Templates already have the basic tools you need for your website which have been tested and updated by Squarespace’s development team. So unless you have changes to make to your website, there is little-to-no maintenance! And when you’re busy running your biz, that’s music to your ears!

Design Focused

We’re designers. Not developers. While we certainly add custom coding to our Squarespace websites a lot to get them just the way we want, you don’t need to know code to get a beautiful, modern site with Squarespace. Want to add a photo? You can easily add one in the exact spot you want without having to go into the source code like you would in Wordpress.

This way we can focus on what we are good at -- Creating beautifully designed websites and graphics to highlight your business in the best way possible!

Automatically Mobile and SEO Friendly

All of Squarespace’s templates are responsive so they automatically adjust for optimal viewing on mobile, tablet or desktop. They also have the option built right into the dashboard for you to view your site on mobile or tablet as well as desktop so you can easily see it right in the backend as you work on the website design!

This isn’t always the case with Wordpress. Before you purchase a template, you’ll need to make sure it is mobile-friendly.

For SEO, Squarespace allows you to edit your site title and description, add keywords to your headers (H1, H2, H3) and image alt tags. Squarespace also automatically provides a sitemap that you can submit to Google which also helps with your search ranking by allowing Google to crawl your website for keywords.

With Wordpress, you can do all the same but you need to install a plugin. While this plugin scans each page and will provide advice on how to improve your SEO, you still have a plugin.. Which as we already talked about can pose its own issues.

Bold & Pop : Squarespace vs. Wordpress: Why We Choose Squarespace

24/7 Support

Squarespace offers 24/7 support and while we’ve only used this a handful of times, it is nice to have the option if needed, especially for our clients. You can email 24/7 or do a live chat weekdays between 3am to 8pm EST so you know you’ll receive a timely response and help quickly!

Wordpress doesn’t really have a support team like Squarespace and while you can reach out to the template developers themselves, you may not get a timely response like you would with Squarespace.

Overall we’d say Squarespace just makes our lives as designers easier and the lives of our clients easier too! It’s all a personal preference but the less time you have to spend maintaining your website, the more time you have to do what you’re good at -- Running your biz!