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When presented with a project that was a little different than anything we’ve done and to also have the opportunity to work with a previous client, how could we possibly say no? Scott came to us in need of a concept site for an idea he had, Surf Daddy Brewing Company. We were pretty pumped about the idea and Scott pretty much gave us free range to create a website that expressed a California surfer lifestyle while also highlighting his craft brewery concept.

The Project:

The Design:

After discussing the concept with Scott, we focused on nailing these 4 things:

  • Create a hip, cool concept website to be used to set the tone for the brand to help draw the attention of potential investors
  • Create an age verification page
  • Create custom graphics with a slight retro vibe that expresses a California vibe
  • Incorporate surf photos and videos to highlight the surfing lifestyle

Scott already had some rad photos and a logo but told us we had the freedom to make something really fun to reflect a California-surfer style for his craft beer concept (I mean, hellooo, who hasn’t dreamed of being a little surfer chick?!)

Bold & Pop :: Surf Daddy Brewing Website Design

Not only did we get to create some fun retro-inspired graphics utilizing the brand’s existing colors but we got to create some fun beer names, descriptions and Surf Daddy products for the online shop. 

Here’s a look at what we came up with:

Bold & Pop :: Surf Daddy Brewing Website Design
Bold & Pop :: Surf Daddy Brewing Website Design

We had so much fun working on this concept site! Not only is Scott such a fun and lively person to work with but having the freedom to help develop the brand with unique and colorful graphics while also incorporating video in ways we hadn’t before was seriously awesome! If you love beer, surfing, California, or all of the above, you need to take a peek at Surf Daddy Brewing Company!

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