Bold & Pop : Tips for Goal Setting in 2016

We all do it. Set goals and resolutions for the New Year but do you stick to them? We’re determined to not only set ourselves up for massive success in 2016 but we want to help you achieve your goals as well! So we’ve decided to share our tips on how we stay on track throughout the year to achieve our goals.

What’s your BIG goal for the year?

We like to reverse-engineer our goals by setting our biggest goal first. We do this by analyzing our previous year to determine what we want to focus on to achieve our goals.

  • Did we reach our 2015 goals? 

  • What helped us achieve those goals? 

  • What direction do we want to go in for 2016? 

  • Do we need to set greater goals for 2016? 

Keep your goals realistic but we always like to have at least one that’s a reach to help push ourselves.

Bold & Pop : Tips for Goal Setting in 2016

Be specific

Instead of setting goals like “increase website traffic” or “increase sales” try setting specific goals. Whether you say you want to make $100,000 in sales in 2016 or you want to increase web traffic by 25%, setting specific goals will keep you focused and on track. This way you’ll know exactly what you need to do to achieve them.

Set smaller goals throughout the year

Setting smaller goals on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis will help keep you on track and focused on achieving your overall goals. These goals should include tasks that you can do to help you reach those goals. They can be as simple as, “Write 2 blog posts a week” to increase traffic to your website.

Stopping and analyzing these smaller goals throughout the year will also help you adjust your strategy to help you achieve your overall BIG goals.

Bold & Pop : Tips for Goal Setting in 2016

Create a vision board

We love to create vision boards to keep us focused! These are so simple and fun to make. We cut things out of magazines or print things out to represent our goals and what we want for ourselves throughout the year and stick them on a board somewhere where we will see it every day. This is a daily visual reminder of your goals which we love to have!

So go ahead and take the last few weeks of 2015 to set some serious goals for 2016! Share your 2016 goals with us in the comments because, hey, we all need an accountability partner too!

Bold & Pop : xo M