Bold & Pop : Web Design Trends to Lookout for in 2016

The New Year is the perfect time to start thinking about your website! Is it as user-friendly as you’d like? Is it time for a refresh? Although web design trends often last several years, it is also quickly evolving along with other digital marketing trends which means there is always something to update to ensure your business is at the top of its game! So we’re taking a look at some of the top web design trends to be on the lookout for in 2016.

Vertical User Flow

With mobile traffic continuing to increase and expected to possibly equal desktop traffic this year, you will find more websites designed with a vertical flow allowing users to easily scroll through a site on their phone or tablet. This feels natural for users and can be easier than clicking through navigation.

Flat Design

Flat design will continue to be a major design aesthetic as we head into 2016. Logos, icons, images and other elements of a brand and website will all continue to get flatter in order to continue to get sites to load faster and get content to viewers more effectively.

Subtle Animation

With web design flattening out, designers are looking for ways to make sites stand out. Animation is one of those ways to keep users engaged while they visit your site. Animation will continue to grow in popularity but will likely decrease in size being more subtle on sites. Each animation will serve a purpose and allow the user to know that the site is still working in a fun and clever way.


Big and bold typefaces will continue to be popular since they work so well with other web design elements. One of the top typography trends for 2016 is to pair a simple, readable typeface and a fun novelty option. 

Bolder, Brighter Color

This might be our favorite web design trend for 2016 (if you couldn’t guess already!). With the emergence of flat designs, bright and bold colors have continued to gain popularity. The usage has shifted from more monotone bold colors in 2015 to brighter color palettes with an almost ‘80s vibe to them.

It is easy to already see these trends taking shape in the New Year and we’re really excited to see how they evolve and how sites incorporate them into their designs. If you’re ready to refresh your website this year, we have a little something you might like on our last blog post!

Here’s to a successful 2016!

Bold & Pop : xo M