Bold & Pop : What is a Launch Hangover and How You Can Bounce Back

Today we’re throwing out a new term we call, “launch hangover”. And no, it’s not caused by too much champagne, although that’s a wholeee different story. 🍾🥂 You know that feeling after you launch a branch new product or service and you find yourself feeling like all of your creativity has been drained? Yeah, that! Well, that is exactly what we're talking about today. So let's dig in.

What is a Launch Hangover?

Like we were saying, you may be experiencing a launch hangover if you find yourself moving at the speed of a snail or quite honestly feel like mush following a launch. Some symptoms include...

  • Feeling creatively drained
  • And... last but not least complete and total exhaustion
  • Brain fogginess and lack of focus
  • Eye strain or feeling like your eyes may fall out of your head

It's no secret, no matter what you are launching, there is A LOT of work that goes into it. Even when you plan months in advance! The planning, working out the details, editing, adding more, getting ready for launch and testing everything out... Whew, it's a process. Not to mention, actually promoting the crap out of it so people know about it. Launches are no joke, so it's not surprising that you may feel a little toasted following one even when you LOVE what you are doing.

Here's the thing about launch hangovers too.. You might not actually realize you're suffering from one because they don't always hit you right away. When you're working around the clock leading up to launch you're working on so much passion and adrenaline that exhaustion isn't always on your mind -- even if you know you're clocking in extra hours. Then a few days after or maybe even a week later you get smacked in the face. Why now?! I survived! I did everything I needed to and more and made it through! Why am I now feeling like this? That's how those sneaky buggers work. Once the excitement has dwindled a little, your brain and body catch up to you and say, "waitttt a second, slow down!"

So how do I know about this? #RealTalk Mallory and I definitely got hit with a bite of this after our launch for the Bold Boss Resource Library. We launched on a Thursday which worked out perfectly because we were able to work throughout the week on the final touches, launch and then heyyy it was time for the weekend to rest a little, right?! Well, so we thought. Monday we were amped up and ready to be back at work after a nice weekend, but then by the time Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday rolled around, it was as if the simplest tasks took 10 times as long to complete. I was adjusting back to east coast time after a trip back to WA, so I thought it might have just been that, but Mallory and I chatted and realized we were both feeling that way. Yep, a launch hangover had got us. 

After pouring alllll of our creativity into designing for the Bold Boss Resource Library, it felt like our river of ideas had dried up. Not forever certainly, but I'm not going to lie that next few weeks were a little bit of a struggle. Here's the thing about creativity too, it's really tough to try and force it too! So here's the real question...

How do You Bounce Back from One?

Take a step back. No REALLYYYY take a step back. Of course, most of us can't just up and close the ship done -- we have clients to take care of. But if you can, now is the time to prioritize what you really need to get done and take a rest from thinking about your launch.

  • It's time to check out: As business owners, sometimes it's hard to completely check out of your business after hours. I'm as guilty as anyone for always having our biz on my mind. When you're hit with a launch hangover, try and turn everything off at the end of the day. Even better if you can escape the office for a few days. If you can't though when 5:30 or 6 pm rolls around, try and turn everything off. Have you heard people say lately that going off the grid is the new luxury? Sad but true... if you can shut down your laptop and turn off the email on your phone, do it!
  • Try something new, do something you're passionate about, or just veg out: The great thing about trying something new is it usually occupies most of your thoughts. Because hiii you don't know what you're doing so you're focused on the task at hand. This makes it a little easier to disconnect from what might normally occupy your mind. Or if you are really passionate about something maybe you enjoy painting as a hobby, hiking or (fun fact) I play the violin. Do that! If the idea of doing anything exhausts you even more, then don't feel guilty about just vegging out. Can anyone say Netflix marathons?! I know personally, doing something new or getting out of the apartment helps me a little more because I'm guilty of opening my laptop or sitting on my phone when I watch TV. Do what works best for you!
  • Change your scenery: Prepping for launches may mean extra hours spent at your desk. Consider switching up your location for work in the days following. This can definitely help you power through the work you need to get done following a launch too. Consider hitting up a new co-working space, work outside or head to a local cafe. If you don't live in a tiny NYC apartment like me, even switching your workspace to another room can help too!

More than anything, be patient with yourself too. I think one of the biggest struggles about being hit with a launch hangover is feeling useless or feeling guilty that you're not being as productive as you normally are -- at least for me. In such a go-go-go hustle-hustle-hustle world we forget that rest is also a huge part of success and psssttt, you shouldn't feel guilty about it! Your creative juices will be flowing soon enough, but be patient if you're still feeling a little out of it a week or two after. 

All that being said, I'll leave you with one final tip and that is consider planning ahead for future launches. You might not be as affected for each launch, but it doesn't hurt to try and build a little cushion in for a little bit of a break. If you can plan ahead some of your day-to-day tasks ahead of time it might be a good idea. I know.. more work! You'll appreciate it later though! I know personally I'd rather do a little more legwork ahead of time so I know I have a little wiggle room if I need to take things easy for a few post launch.

Have you ever been hit with a launch hangover? What helped you power through it? Share in the comments!