Bold & Pop : What Lessons We've Learned in Our First 2 Years In Business

Guys, we were SO busy with our Bold Boss Resource Library launch that we almost missed our 2-year anniversary entirely. Like, here's how it actually went down.. Mallory texted me a screenshot from a Facebook memory of our 1st birthday b-day saying, "Omg did we totally miss our biz birthday?" That text came in right around 11:50pm on our actual anniversary. #Facepalm moment. Hey, when you're busy doing what you love though, time can speed right on by though right?!

The truth is, for the last two years we have poured everything we've had into Bold & Pop. Our creativity, our time, and ever dash of confetti we have up our sleeves, which definitely deserves a little more than 10 mins of celebration time! So today I'm sharing a little bit of a reflective piece on our journey!

While we've built our brand around all things cheery and all of that girly goodness, if you've been following us for a minute, you may know that things didn't exactly start out that way. In fact, starting our business came at a tough time professionally for us. We had both learned that our agency jobs at the time were in jeopardy and at the time we didn't have a plan B. Instead of being totally terrified (okay we were a little bit) though we decided to take it as a sign from the universe it was time to move onto another chapter and when everything seemed to fall into place. To our surprise, it turned out that next chapter was us partnering up and doing our own thanggg. Oh heyyy! 🎉 Since then, we've learned a thing or two... orrrr about 1,273 about running a business so today I'm sharing some of my favorite lessons along our journey.

Your Community is SO important

Your community will be a driving force to your success! Not only from your clients, but the people who will lift you up on the bad days and who will break out into happy dances (both in-person and virtually) when you're crushing it. The people in your inner circle won't always be the people you expect either. Some of our biggest supporters and greatest biz friends have turned out to be complete strangers we've connected with along the way. That quote about finding your tribe and loving them hard? DO THAT! Maybe you'll meet them at a networking event, local coffee shop or co-working space, or where we meet a lot of people -- across the interwebsss on social media! Don't underestimate the power of building a strong network.

One of my personal fav parts of our business has been connecting with others through our #BoldBossTribe features. It was something we came up with from a tangent on one of our brainstorming calls and it has turned into such a powerful community and now Facebook Group! Prior to starting a business, I didn't know many people who had ventured out on their own, and it turns out, it's not the easiest thing for people who aren't in the situation to relate to. So connecting with others who are like-minded has been so beneficial. Hearing about other people's paths and learning from their journeys has been so incredible and connecting with others who are fearless just gets my heart pumping! Being a biz owner is not an easy path so make sure you don't underestimate the community who will back you up.

Bold & Pop : What Lessons We've Learned in Our First 2 Years In Business

Don't Be Afraid to Try New Things

If you would have told me the direction Bold & Pop would take over the last two years I would have never believed you. This was such a dream idea and the fact that it has come to fruition and is growing every day has been incredible. One of the most powerful pieces of advice I can share is don't be afraid to try new things. Some ideas might completely fall flat right on their face but you just never know until you put it out there! Take the time to listen to your audience too, no matter how small (or big). What are their struggles? What would make their lives easier? Developing services or products is great but making sure they align with your target audience is even better. You might not always nail it on the first try, but get out there (even when you feel like you're not ready) so that you can get feedback and adjust accordingly.

This piece of advice is solely responsible for the launch of the Bold Boss Tribe Resource Library and #ThePopShop! Coming from a background of working 1-on-1 with clients, these products didn't even cross our minds as something people would be interested in. After listening to our audience and community though, we learned that not only were these services they were interested in but they were AMPED up about the ideas we had. You may have awesome ideas in your head but if you aren't actually putting those ideas to work and getting them in front of people, you aren't helping anyone -- not yourself, your clients or your customers. 

Things will be Hard but That's Okay

Like I mentioned, being a business owner isn't easy. While there's definitely a TON of perks of working for yourself -- hiii mid-day flights and working from home, it's also a really hard path. It's a lot of late nights, some weekends and let's be honest.. sometimes brain-sucking work (even when you love it!). We may be super passionate about what we're doing but when you're a biz owner clocking out isn't always an option. Although, not going to lie, that wasn't ever really an option in our previous careers to begin with. That being said, it's okay if every day of your biz journey doesn't feel like ice cream and ponies. This does not mean you're a failure! There will be a lot of ups and downs as with anything with high stakes!

That overnight success thing.. I'm not saying it's not a thing but there's a WHOLE lot of work going on behind the scenes. To be completely frank too, there's a lot of sugar coating going on in today's market which at the end of the day doesn't help anyone. So here is your reminder that guys, this is hard! I mean if it was so easy everyone would do it right?! Instead of fearing it or getting down on yourself though, embrace it. Will it be a crazy ride? Abso-fricking-lutely! Will everything work out just like you plan? Thats a big NOPE! Being a perfectionist those statements eat at me a little to say, but I've learned along the way nothing is ever perfect. There will always be room to learn and grow and some of your best skills will come from learning experiences. Those people who look like they have everything under wraps? Yeah, they're still learning too. It won't be a perfect journey but don't give up. Take a breather, take a step back, rest, and get back to it. It's not always going to be easy, but holy moly will it be worth it in the end.

If nothing else, the last two years have taught be how far I can push myself and that if you truly believe in yourself you CAN and WILL make your dreams come true. Keep on keeping on fellow dream chasers because you've GOT this. With that being said... cheers to 2 years being down and many more to come! 

P.S. Exciting news! We launched the free #GoingBold Facebook Group and would love for you to join us! Come on over!