Bold & Pop : Why Biz Check-Ins are Key to Your Growth and Staying True to your Purpose

If you are in our #BoldBossTribe Facebook Group or follow us on Instagram, then you know that goals and planning have been at the top of our minds the last month. After a jam-packed summer filled with some amazing client projects and also some big changes personally (on my end), we finalllyyyy felt like we had a little time to regroup. As business owners, we can get so busy keeping up with projects and our daily workloads that sometimes checking in with our own businesses gets pushed aside 🙈. Which we don't have to tell you.. isn't ideal!

Checking in regularly about your progress and making any adjustments is so key to moving forward. Which is why Mallory and I put a time on our calendars and made a plan to go through alllll of the things. While we were going through our yearly goals, systems, and our marketing efforts, we kept coming back to one word... purpose! Where were we at on each and was it serving a purpose in our business? There are only so many hours in the day, no matter how productive you are, so you have to make them count. In today's post, we're going to walk you through the steps we took in our recent check-in and how you can do the same in your business.

Identifying the purpose and key focuses of your business

This sounds like a DUH moment, but to get started you need to identify what the purpose of your business is. I know it sounds really simple, but the truth is, it's important to start with this statement because it may change at different stages of your business. To get us started, I'll walk you through ours, which is to help and support fellow small business owners with their branding and marketing efforts. Ok, simple enough right? Sure. Once you have that down, the next step is to identify your key focuses that tie back to that purpose. Here's where things can get a little messy (at least in our latest check-in). You see, when we did an audit of our business, we realized holy moly we had a fewww too many things we were trying to focus on. We had gotten so excited about our purpose that we realized we were trying to do alllll of the things. And the reality was that just wasn't sustainable or ultimately serving our ultimate purpose.

So what should you do if you find yourself in our situation? Well, it's time to streamline baby! So we got down to brainstorming and realized if we wanted to serve our audience and clients best we needed to cut our focuses down to 3 things. Yours may be different, but we decided that 3 was the magic number for us which included:

  • Offering our custom services -- branding, Squarespace website design and social media

  • Supporting our #BoldBossTribe community of biz owners, side hustlers, bloggers and future bosses

  • Providing educational resources to our audience on our blog

While there may be several components to each focus, we knew that we needed to pull in the reins a little and make sure that everything we were doing tied back to 1.) our purpose and 2.) our key focuses.  

Making sure your efforts all tie back to your purpose

After we nailed down our key focuses we then took a look at all of the things we were doing in our business, from the services and packages we were offering to the content on our blog, social media posts and email marketing. In a digital world, there are so many voices telling you that to be successful in business "you should do this" or "you should do that", but if it's not serving a purpose then what is the point?!

A great example of this in our business was our newsletter. Everyone talks about how important it is to send out regular emails to their list and we get that, but it was a component of our business that could use some adjustment. We realized we were sending newsletters weekly or every other week because that was what we were supposed to do, but there wasn't much meaning behind them. So we brainstormed a little on how we could make them more purposeful and made some changes! We've talked about it a lot, but we truly believe flexibility is one of the greatest traits you have as a small business owner. If something isn't working, or it could be better, don't be afraid to change it or try something new! Just like you changed it the first time, nothing is set in stone. It's all about continuing to improve and learning as you go.

Being purposeful with processes and systems to improve the offerings you have

On top of making sure that your efforts all tie back to your ultimate purpose, it's also a good idea to take a look at those systems and processes. Are there things you could do to improve any of those? Think back to recent client projects or customer purchases, were there any situations that made you think... hey you know what we should do this next time. Or this would work out better if I had this clause in my agreements. This is the part of the check-in where you can get down to the nitty-gritty and make those adjustments. Sometimes these will be bigger changes, and sometimes it will just be smaller things here or there, but these check-ins are so crucial for looking things over. 

For us, something we had been playing with the idea for awhile was implementing a new project management system so this was something we really focused on this last time around. We love what we do because we have the opportunity to work with multiple business owners at a time on a variety of different projects. Which is both awesome and tricky at the same time because we're working with multiple business owners on a variety of different projects! So as we've continued to grow, we decided it was time to invest in a new project management system that could scale with us. In case you're wondering we chose Asana, which we have been loving btw! If we ever needed convincing why we need regular check-ins at our biz, this is it! We had been talking about this topic for awhile, but we really needed the time to research and figure out what would be best for our business and this time allowed us to do just that.

That being said, we hope this has been helpful and encourages you to take some time for your own business! Whether that's weekly, monthly or quarterly! Find out what works for you and more importantly, put it in your calendar so you stick with it. Do you have any tips for check-ins with your business? Share any questions or comments with us in the comments!

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