Bold & Pop : Why Imagery Matters for Your Brand

Do you have a group of favorite Instagram accounts you follow? How about any favorite lifestyle bloggers? Chances are it probably has something to do with the photos or graphics they share! Are we right, or are we right? You know what we're talking about.. that fun Instagram account you always find yourself double-tapping their photos -- pretty much no matter what they post! Well, today we're talking about just that! Your imagery is so important when it comes to the visual appeal of your business so today we're offering some tips on why it matters and what you should consider in your strategy.

All about the pics, 'bout the pics

So why do your graphics and photos matter so much when it comes to your branding? Because they are often the first impression of your brand! With people being more glued to their laptops and cell phones (for better or worse) you have more opportunities for potential customers to find your business or blog online. But, what if the only thing someone knew about your business was based on one Instagram or Facebook post? Would the imagery you're currently using entice then to check out your account further or visit your website? If your answer is anything other that heck to the yes then you might want to think about how you can improve your assets.

Having photos that express your business' vibe and are a step above poorly lit or grainy photos can make a world of difference for your brand! So make them count! Try and highlight your best photos or create custom graphics that encompass your style. If you have the means to hire a photographer do it! Visual appeal is the first step in enticing new customers to check out your business.

If you don't have the option of hiring a photographer, work with what you have! While we might not be able to create professional photos (we can't all be photographers, yo!), it's amazing how much good lighting can affect your images. Another suggestion is do some research to find the photo layouts you like. Scrolling through your favorite hashtags can be a great way to get a little inspiration for set-ups or styling options. Still not feeling it? Take advantage of lifestyle stock photos! There's a lot of options that you can customize to fit your brand and it can be an affordable choice when you don't have the means for a photographer yet, but you also don't have the time or eye to create shots of your own. 

As for graphics, if you aren't savvy with Adobe programs, try using programs like Canva to create graphics that match your branding. It's all about putting some thought into things and working with what you have! 

Tie everything together with a bow

Brand cohesion is so important to developing a strong brand. If you have light and airy photos of your products on your website but a completely different approach on your Instagram, it can be hard for your audience to relate to your brand. So once you decide on the style of photos and graphics you will be using make sure they tie together in some way. Of course you can certainly try different styles, but it's a good idea to have a similar style that can be identified from your website, to your blog posts and social media. This will help people get a better sense of your brand's personality and help them feel like they are on the same page as you. If there's one thing successful branding strategies have in common it is about keeping things consistent!

For example, while we certainly throw a few curve balls now and then to some of our imagery, for the most part you know when you visit our website or any of our social media accounts you're going to find bright and bold photos and graphics! That's our jam and what our followers know they can expect! So if one week we decided to only post black and white photos or graphics with dark color palettes you might be a little confused right?! Like hey, where are those bright girly chicks?! While your audience might not notice every post you publish, it's a collective effort that really does make a difference in how people relate to your brand. So keep it together!

Be the Sparkle in the Crowd

In today's oversaturated market you need to find ways to stand out and your imagery is a big part of that! Not only does it add legitimacy to your business, but it's your shot to make a connection with someone! There's so many options for consumers today in all markets so you need to find out what is a little different about your business and let that little diamond shine! How do you stand out? Your branding! The way you present yourself through imagery and text. 

By putting a little extra effort in staging photos or creating custom graphics, your account has a better chance of connecting with your audience. It's all about finding a style and integrating different components to create a cohesive series of imagery. Find your style and stick to it! By being consistent and developing imagery that looks professional and appealing, your brand will have a much better chance of being noticed.

I hope these tips were helpful! Our society is more visual than ever and it's important that your imagery is not something that takes a backseat to your branding efforts!

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