Bold & Pop : Why You Need a Vision Board for Your Goals

While I was certainly familiar with the term vision board, prior to starting a business I didn't totally understand why I really needed one. I mean, I always write my goals down each year and have my “big picture” in mind, why do I need a board with cute pictures on it to remind me of that? Besides, even if I wanted a vision board where in the world would I put one in my NYC-sized apartment? Well, this year I made the room because since becoming a biz owner I’ve experienced how much a mindset shift can affect your success. That even on the days you aren’t feeling your total best (hey, even us Bold & Pop ladies have our days), finding the positive and looking at the big picture is the key to staying on track, moving forward, and crushing your goals. So, call me a believer but this year I’m abandoning my normal tradition of writing down my goals and then turning the page in my notebook or stuffing them in my drawer and going full on with my vision board!

Why Vision Boards are Powerful

As I mentioned, your mindset can have such a powerful effect on your success. For example, even though 3 years ago I would have NEVER thought of being a business owner, I opened my eyes to the possibility and when things fell into place the thought wasn’t as scary anymore. I wasn’t afraid to make the jump because while there were some scary elements to making the transition like byeee stable salary, I just KNEW that we would figure it out if we poured our hearts into Bold & Pop. I erased the word “failure” from my mind and only focused on the positive. Vision boards can have the same effect! It serves as a reminder every time you look at it of that feeling that drives you forward. If you can visualize it, and you work really hard anything is possible sista!

So What is a Vision Board Really?

While there are a lot of different ways you can create a vision board, the key is to put together a collection of photos, inspiring quotes and other items that represent your goals and ambitions. Vision boards are all about visualizing and manifesting your dreams. Even the process itself is inspiring because it forces you to take your goals one step further and find visual components that you can identify with and that represent your bigger picture. It’s more than just a bulletin board or wall filled with pretty pictures – it’s a collection of items that drive out different feelings and emotions to help you maintain a driven and positive mindset. The goal is to remind yourself where you’re at, what you’re working for and how hard you’re working to get there.

Ok Cool, So How do I Make One and What Should I Put on it?

So where do you start when it comes to creating one? The first step is to find a bulletin board or part of a wall in your home or office that you will see regularly. The key to unleashing the power of a vision board is actually being able to see it! Next up it’s time to start looking for some things to actually put on your wall. Here are some suggestions based on what I included on mine.

  • List of yearly goals: So I didn’t totally give up my tradition of writing down my goals. This time they’re going on display though as a constant reminder! Mallory and I worked really hard last month to nail down our goals for Bold & Pop for 2017 so I printed our goals worksheet out from our freebies and went to town! I think along with visualizing my goals, I also like to see them written out on the daily so I always have them in mind. 

  • Word of the year or month: Another tactic I wanted to incorporate into my vision board was my word of the year. Mallory has used the technique for several years, and inspired me to give it a shot this year. Oh heyyyy 2017, watch out because my word is unstoppable! I had a handful of words I couldn’t decide from so Mallory also suggested (she has bomb advice) having a yearly overarching word and then also having monthly words for specific focuses. PS: We have a fun content upgrade on this point for you too!

  • Affirmations and positive quotes: I already had a collection of quotes I’ve been saving on my digital “vision board” on Pinterest so I hopped over there to actually print out ones that really had an effect on the way I feel. You know those quotes that just resonate with you and you’re like oh heck yes! Well, find those that support your goals and put them on the wall!

  • Pictures of your favorite memories, people and places: You can do a lot of things with this one.. Remember, there are no rules! I pinned some photos of my family on my vision board because they have always been a driving force with even wanting to embark on this wild journey of starting a biz. I also pinned several pics of some of my adventures in 2016 to represent the freedom Bold & Pop has allowed and all of the incredible new places I got to see in one year – something I would like to continue to enjoy as we grow.

  • Abstract photos/images: Not all of your vision board choices have to be so black and white in their meanings either. Don’t be afraid to also pin pictures of powerful women, your role models, beautiful views from around the world, and other pics that just strike a cord with you… This is YOUR vision and what you’re dreaming for your life and the fun part about that is we all have different views of what lies ahead for each of us.

Now that you have some of the basics for vision boards it’s time to make your own (if you haven’t already!) To help you get started we created a "Visualize THIS Vision Board Pack" content upgrade to help you find your word of the year as well as some inspiring quotes you may want to include on yours. Sign-up below to receive the password and your download your vision board set!

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