Bold & Pop : Why You Need a Welcome Kit for Your Business

Are you familiar with the term welcome kit? They've been making quite a splash throughout our network lately so we thought it was the perfect time to give you some details on what they are and why you should have one for your business. While 'welcome kit' is one of the latest terms, you might be familiar with some other references including media kit, starter kit, pricing guide... or in our case our Get Poppin' Kit -- you knew we had to add some B&P flair to our name right?! 🎉

No matter what you call it, welcome kits are all about providing basic information about you, your business, the services you offer, pricing and common questions. Depending on your business, the formatting and inclusions will vary, but the one thing that stays the same is it's all about providing addition information to potential clients or partnerships. You can either provide a downloadable link on your website (like us) so that people who visit your website easily have access to it or you can provide it to others as needed.

Answer Common Questions

Is your email inbox overflowing? It can be stressful getting your email down to inbox zero but we have good news, having a welcome kit can help with that! Depending on how you have yours set up, people will either have direct access or you can provide as necessary. While we definitely still suggest being personal and customizing all of your email communications, having a welcome kit can streamline the process. Instead of typing the same information for common questions over and over again, you can add a personal message and attach your welcome kit with further information for potential clients to review.

Attract Quality Leads

If you caught our blog on, "3 Reasons Why You Might Want to Add Your Prices to Your Website" this tip probably sounds pretty familiar and it also goes hand-in-hand with having a welcome kit. We're alllll about transparency at Bold & Pop and know everyone's time is previous, so by making service and pricing information easily available it allows potential clients to get further information and then decide if they'd like to connect with us or not. That way they can easily see if we offer the services they're looking for and if they're within budget. Doing so allows us to get right down to business when we engage in intro emails and calls and cuts back on any big surprises.

Worried you can't have a welcome kit because your prices vary? That's okay too! Since we offer a variety of packages (all of which can be customized) our prices vary a bit too, but we try to just include our base prices and mention that everything can be customized. And while we certainly suggest including pricing, it's not the end-all-be-all! You can create a welcome kit with basic information about you, your business, and some of your services without including prices. Think about what makes sense for your business and do that! You can compare welcome kits to resumes. There's plenty of tips out there for what you should include in yours and the design structure, but at the end of the day it's all about making sure it represents you best! 

Discuss your Process and Allow Clients to Prepare to Work with You

Another reason we're HUGE fans of welcome kits is because it better prepares our clients to work with us. This is definitely more applicable to service-based businesses, but having a welcome kit allows us to lay everything out. This allows us to discuss our processes for our social media, branding and web design packages so that our clients know what they'll need to have ready to go if they decide to work with us. As a client you're usually focused on hiring someone to take over your workload, but we do need your tools to get the job done. That means, branding assets, photos, and logins to name a few. By providing a detailed list of the things we'll need in advanced, our clients can get a jumpstart on getting their files organized. Which means we can hit the ground running when we kick off your project! Win, win for everyone!

Welcome kits are all about two main things -- informing your potential clients/partnerships and streamlining your processes. If you can nail both things your clients (and inbox) will thank you too! Looking for some inspiration for what you could include in your welcome kit? We're sharing ours below to give you some inspo. You can also check out media kit designs we worked on for Andrea O'Campo and Kavita Channe. That's right, we design them and can help you too!

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