Bold & Pop : Why You Need Influencer Marketing for Your Brand

Chances are you’ve seen one of your favorite Instagram accounts share a product that you’ve gone and checked out.. Maybe even bought it. This is influencer marketing at it’s best and if you haven’t adopted this tactic into your marketing strategy, you might want to consider it! Not convinced? We’re here to share why you need it in your marketing strategy and how to get started.

Broaden Reach

This is a no-brainer but when an influencer posts about your brand, you are reaching a whole new audience. And we all know the more eyes on our brand, the greater brand awareness we have which eventually translates into sales!

While you’ll want to work with influencers with a large following, we recommend evaluating their audience to make sure you are reaching your target audience. There’s no point in collaborating with an influencer if their audience isn’t who you are trying to reach!

Strong Relationships

Influencers who are doing it right have ridiculously strong relationships with their audience which translates into trust. So when you work with those particular influencers you are seen as a reputable company since that influencer wouldn’t post about your company if they didn’t truly believe in it. This means that influencer posts on your brand are often more trusted than traditional ads making them much more effective.

Think of it this way, if you see an ad on Facebook or on TV for a new pillow claiming to give you the best nights sleep of your life, you will most likely think to yourself sounds good but how do I know that I’ll sleep like a baby because of this pillow? Then consider if your friend posted the same thing. You’d be more likely to trust your friend that you’ll sleep like a baby because you actually know this person and value their opinion. This is the same way people view the influencers they follow!

Additional Content

While this isn’t necessarily the top priority for influencer marketing, it is a nice little added bonus for you. Influencers typically take their time planning out their content and posts meaning they are putting out high-quality content. When they post about your brand, always repost! This provides you with quality content to share with your current audience as well as shares the love with the influencer.

Tips for a successful influencer marketing campaign

Now you know why you need influencer marketing in your strategy but how do you even get started? We've got the basics right here for you! 

Where to find influencers

We recommend finding them on Instagram! The best way is to monitor specific hashtags that apply to your brand to see if any influencers are using them (Here are some of our favorite hashtags!). Once you find some key influencers that fit your brand, check the “Suggestions for You” dropdown when you follow them. These will be similar accounts that could be a great fit for your brand as well!

How to evaluate the fit

  1. First, you want to make sure they are compatible with your brand... meaning their audience is your target audience. Do they have a similar visual aesthetic as your brand? If so, their followers will likely love your brand too!

  2. You’ll then want to look at the number of followers. We typically target influencers with 10k+ followers (However, some with lower numbers and high engagement are great options too! So don't always rule them out!)

  3. Then look at their engagement. Do they receive enough likes proportionate to their following? The comments on their posts will also help you determine their loyalty of their audience!

  4. Reach out! Many have their email in their bio so you can reach out directly to see if they are interested in collaborating. If you can't find their email, shoot them a direct message on Instagram to get the conversation started.


There’s no standard for influencer payments but this is something you should consider prior to reaching out. Do you have a budget? Some influencers will post in exchange for product while others require payment. Payment can vary starting at $50 and go up from there! Typically influencers with a large following charge more and those with less might do it in exchange for product. It really comes down to the influencer though.

If they don’t fit within your budget there is nothing wrong with that! Just politely let them know that’s not in your marketing budget at this time and you’ll keep them in mind as your budget expands. Keep the relationship open for the future!


What do you want them to do for your brand? Just post on Instagram? Include a post on their blog? Knowing what you would ideally like them to do will help steer the collaboration to be mutually beneficial! You may even want to consider providing them with guidelines (don’t forget to include all your social media handles so they tag you properly!)

On the flip side, the influencer may have their own terms which you’ll want to evaluate at the time you receive them.

And there you have it! Influencer marketing can help broaden your reach, provide you credibility and quality content for your brand! Have you incorporated influencer marketing into your strategy? Tell us what you’ve learned and how it has impacted your brand in the comments!

Need a little help with your influencer marketing campaign? Give us a shout! We’re always happy to help!

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