Bold & Pop : Why You Should Be Integrating More Storytelling Into Your Strategy

We've all grown up listening to stories and as we grow older, we start to tell stories to connect and interact with others in our everyday lives. But we don't always do it when it comes to our brands! Here's the thing though, it's one of the best tools you can use when it comes to building a connection with and growing a community for your brand.

Just think about some of your favorite brands or business owners... Why are you drawn to them? Most likely because they're telling stories you can relate to. And this makes storytelling one of the most powerful connectors in life and it's no different when it comes to brands. 

There's a story behind the name of your company, what brought you to start your brand, the project you're working on, etc. which means there's always a story to share. These are the stories that build your brand and create strong genuine connections. They show the person (or in our case, people) behind the brand. People get to know your personality. They get an idea of what it's like to work with you. It brings that human element that brands so desperately need nowadays. 

For as long as Bold & Pop's been around, we've had notebooks, graphics, mugs, you name it with the term "get shit done" on them. And while that's fun, it has a little more meaning to us. You see, before starting Bold & Pop, we worked together and we used to call ourselves Team Get Shit Done (Team GSD for short). So one day, we decided to share that little tidbit on Instagram and made so many new and stronger connections with our followers! 

As you can see, you don't always have to share a big deep story. You can make connections with something short and sweet too. But there are definitely a few things to keep in mind when it comes to successful storytelling for your brand. 

Grab their attention right up front

Since storytelling typically requires a longer than usual post (especially on social media), you want to make sure you grab your audience's attention in the first sentence or two. There's nothing worse than starting to read a post only to want to take a snooze. Hook them immediately so they want to continue reading (and keep coming back for more). This may be getting right to the point or saying something a little controversial. It's totally up to you and your brand how you grab their attention but make sure you do it or they'll move right along. 

(Pro tip from our Facebook group: Add a #longpost warning at the beginning so people know there's a story to be told!)

Be authentic

The point of storytelling is to connect with your audience in a new and genuine way. If you're not being authentic, there is absolutely NO way you can make this genuine connection. 

For example, if you're talking about being motivated on Monday but really you're grumbling, procrastinating and wishing for Friday, your audience will notice this and be immediately turned off. 

Your audience isn't stupid. They can tell if what you're saying is authentic and aligned with your true brand. Don't worry about what others are doing. Do you and you'll see many, many more valuable connections with your audience! 

Have a strategy with a bigger point

Don't tell a story just to tell a story. There should always, always, always be a point to the story. And this point should align with your brand. 

Before sharing ask yourself, why am I telling this story? What do I want people to get out of it? A laugh? Some motivation? A heartfelt connection? All of it matters but make sure it is very clear. You don't want anyone in your audience saying, "what was that about?"

Use data to back-up any claims

If you can use scientific evidence, studies, or any relevant data in your stories, do it! This will help provide a solid foundation to build your story off of. These are facts to help prove any claims you're making are actually legit. Don't believe us? Here's some proof. (See what we did there?!) 

So who's ready to take on some storytelling? One thing we like to do is mix in our stories with other posts so there's a health mix of content. So while planning out your content see if there's a way to add a story here and there. Then let us know how it goes in the comments! 

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